Buying real estate in Italy – what are the taxes and how are they calculated

The purchase price paid is not relevant when calculating the taxes that are paid when buying real estate in Italy.

On the contrary, cadastral yield (ital. cadastral income) used.

Therefore, it is important to obtain an extract from the cadastral register.

The basis of the calculation is the cadastral income marked in the register, which must be read from the extract.

This amount is multiplied by a factor of 126 and 9 percent is calculated from it.

So, for example: Cadastral income €1,220.13 * factor 126 = €153,736.38. Of this, 9% = €13,836.27 registration fee. There is also a fixed mortgage and cadastral fee of €50 each.

If this amount is less than 1000 euros, it is automatically increased to 1000 euros.

This calculation method applies if it is a second house.

This applies to the main residence:

It must be a natural person (that is, not a legal entity, for example, a joint-stock company) who already lives in the territory of the municipality of the object of purchase or intends to move it within 18 months from the date of conclusion of the notarial contract. In this case, the calculation is as follows:

Cadastral income * 115.5. Of which 2 percent

So in the example: €1,220.13 x 115.5 = €140,925.02. Of this, 2% = €2,818.50.


The difference between primary and secondary residence is significant in calculating the registration fee.

In the case of a notarial sales contract, the notary must collect this amount from the buyer when concluding the contract and pay it to the tax inspectorate.

In addition, there are always notary fees for drafting the contract.

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