Cancel private health insurance! How to make a change.

Especially at the end of the year, many privately insured people express a desire to switch to compulsory health insurance, because the monthly premiums for private health insurance are simply too high, and, even worse, they often increase after the end of the law. year for the next insurance year.

However, it is often mistakenly stated that change is possible only in certain cases. With the help of professional network partners, the 72-year-old former auto repair shop operator was recently able to get back on compulsory health insurance, before trying many other ways to get out.

Too high contributions

The person concerned from the federal state of Brandenburg has had private insurance since the opening of the border, as it was recommended to him at the time as significantly better and cheaper. But what he didn’t know at the time was that as he aged, the contributions would eventually become almost unaffordable.

Since the person concerned has been retired for several years, the total monthly health insurance premiums of 1,050 euros with a pension of only 1,200 euros were no longer affordable for the former workshop operator. But till now no one tried to help him to solve his problem. Only Stiftung Warentest advised victims not to pay any premiums at all, so that they would be included in the emergency tariff. Although the person concerned followed this advice, he paid his debts in installments for many years without really being able to enjoy the insurance coverage. It was clear to the pensioner that this could not possibly be a solution for the future and that he would have to switch to statutory health insurance as soon as possible.

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It is still possible for a pensioner to change

Thanks to the professional help of participating network partners, the victim was able to return to voluntary statutory health insurance.

With the introduction of compulsory insurance abroad, private health insurance has been discontinued in Germany, which has already removed a significant financial burden. After one year of insurance abroad, the person concerned could register with any statutory health insurance company. The former car workshop operator is now insured with the Techniker Krankenkasse – a monthly premium of just 140 euros!

Return to voluntary statutory health insurance

As you can see, it is very possible to switch from private health insurance to statutory health insurance. However, this has to be seen outside of the German health insurance system.

However, after taking advantage of the compulsory insurance year abroad and professional advice from our law firm and its network partners, the change can be made in 13-15 months.

As can be seen in this case, the client’s age does not matter, and such an exit does not require giving up the current job or individual activity.

Advice from lawyers and network partners

Victims who wish to opt out of private health insurance are invited to contact the law firm AdvoAdvice Rechtsanwälte mbB, contact person attorney Dr. Sven Tintemann, turn around.

You can contact him on 030 921 000 40 or [email protected] We offer you a free initial assessment of your personal insurance situation and are committed to absolute discretion under our appointment rules.

We work with experienced consultants in Germany and abroad to implement your project so that you can return to voluntary health insurance within 13-15 months.

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