CasinoAlpha reveals that the peak number of bayonets in London will reach the news in 2021

LONDON, in 2022 July 15 /PRNewswire/ — CasinoAlpha, an aggregator of online gambling services, and its team of mathematical analysts have proven that the probability of playing London the number of bayonets is now much higher than it was in the last 10 years.

Number of stabs London is at a record high such as a Analyze indicates In 2021, the largest number of such crimes was recorded in 18 years. And this despite the overall decline in crime England and Wales.

Number of knife crimes London unfortunately, in recent years it has increased by 10 percent compared to the previous year, and since 2011 – 29 percent Last year saw an all-time high for homicides of young people, most of which were caused by violence with sharp instruments.

This is a frightening statistic.

Data mining for broader context

Using the logistics available and its statistical experts, CasinoAlpha has created a mathematical analysis of the odds of being stabbed in the UK capital.

Sticking to the facts and combating preconceived stigma, their analysis aims to find long-term solutions to a serious problem.

Their approach consisted of the following elements:

  • Comparison of last year’s data with previous records
  • Analysis of social factors
  • To identify the sociological groups most associated with violent crimes
  • Exploring solutions implemented elsewhere

The findings were formulated using official police reports, mathematical analysis and a disdain for toxic media and public prejudice.

The probability of London getting stabbed is the basics

Following are the key points covered in detail in the report:

  • Violent crimes with a sharp object are the most common in the comparative system
  • Teenagers or young adults are most often affected
  • Most of the victims are teenagers, women or both
  • In the case of female victims, the attacker is likely to be a member of the family or immediate social group
  • BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) people are disproportionately affected by such incidents.
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Summary of the analysis and its authors

Completed the presentation of the data developed and improved in 2022 in the first half of the year, mainly using official UK government data from 2021 onwards.

However, in order to integrate into the chronological report, the statistics were compared with previous years.

Interestingly, the latest figures unfortunately exceed the previous peak of acute violence in 2008.

These data-driven extracts were collected and compared by odds experts who work with statistical probability on a daily basis.

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