“Christmas carols like 1. FC Union, only smaller…”

This event could become a true Christmas classic in Berlin-Spandau: Barfly around Lucie Friede and Cornelia Ort (has a bar opened in 1992) organizes the 1st Christmas singing in Wilhelmstadt. When? On Sunday, December 4, from 1 p.m. where? Beneath the 20-meter-tall Norway maples that have characterized the small Wilhelmstrasse yard since the 1950s.

“For the first time, we are planning an Advent market in front of our door,” bar manager Friede told the Tagesspiegel newsletter Spandau, which is published in full tagesspiegel.de/bezirke is.

“Together with our neighbors from Solo Pizza, we want to offer a lot of handicrafts and homemade products at 20 stands. There will be mulled wine, children’s punch and lots of treats, Santa will come with stories and gifts and our highlight will be Advent singing together at 6pm. – as in the 1st FK union in the old forester’s house, only a little. smaller…” And the logo, scrap as well.

Barfly is one of the most famous bars in Spandau and a popular meeting place for networkers. It all started when the British barracks were still in use on the other side.

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“I was working in the 90s: there wasn’t much. If you wanted culture and a good cafe, you had to go to the city,” the boss once told the Tagesspiegel. “Conny and I worked in a neighborhood cafe – we were in a good mood, there was a good response. While walking the dog we came across a cafe, an old Tommy’s pub where British soldiers used to drink beer. We were in our 20s, we had no money, we went in there, borrowed money from friends and took over the place.” And that’s how the gastro success story began.

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