Citizenship: simplified naturalization rules ‘almost ready’

Simplified naturalization rules “almost ready”

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser at a meeting in Emden.  Photo: Lars Klemmer/dpa

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser at a meeting in Emden. photo

© Lars Klemmer/dpa

The SPD, the Greens and the FDP have already agreed on the project in the coalition agreement, and now it should become a reality. People living in this country should find it easier than before to become German.

It should soon be easier for foreigners to find a German in Germany Nationality can get. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) is now seeking an agreement on a coalition between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. “We are a diverse country of immigration in Germany and have been not only since yesterday, but also since the 1960s,” Faeser said on Friday, speaking at a meeting in Emden, East Frisia. “And we want to reflect that reality in one of the most modern citizenship laws we’ve ever had.”

The relevant draft law is “almost ready” and will soon be sent to other ministries, the spokesman said. Faesers on Friday in Berlin. Now there should be a vote in the departments. A preliminary version of the project is available at the German Press Agency in Berlin, Süddeutsche Zeitung previously reported. “Bild” also wrote about the details of the plans, on which the coalition partners had basically already agreed.

incentive for that Integration

“German citizenship should be legal for permanent residents Deutschland resident migrants are simplified and expedited to enable them to participate with equal rights,” the draft said. – At the same time, an incentive for rapid integration should be created.

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In particular, people who have been living in this country for several years should be able to become German citizens more easily. Instead of the current eight years, citizenship should be available after five years of residence in Germany. As for “special integration achievements”, this should be possible even after three years, for example, if immigrants have had special academic or professional achievements, volunteering or have particularly good language skills. “I think the shorter timelines are an incentive for integration,” Faeser said.

Such a relief

Born in Germany Kinder of foreign parents should automatically become German if one parent has had a “legal permanent residence” in Germany for five years. So far, it was only eight years later. “I think it’s especially difficult for children to get citizenship,” Faser said. Children learn the language faster and integrate faster.

For seniors over 67, Faeser wants to eliminate the official language certificates that were previously required. Instead, “ability to communicate verbally” should suffice in the future. Easier naturalization is aimed at honoring the special lifetime merits of generations of guest workers who have made significant contributions to the country’s development.

The possibility of having multiple citizenships

Having multiple citizenships will be much easier after the reform. For integration, language proficiency, education, professional integration and, for example, “commitment to a free democratic basic order are far more important than whether someone has one or more nationalities.” The old legal principle no longer corresponds to current practice. For more than 15 years, more than half of naturalizations have “almost consistently” been “completed by accepting multiple citizenships.”

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These plans have drawn sharp criticism from the Union and the AfD parliamentary group. Union group home policy spokesman Alexander Throm (CDU) complained: “Nancy Faeser is treating our citizenship like cheap goods on Black Friday.” Naturalization is the completion of successful integration. – But after three years, with the best will in the world, there is no question about it. Anyone who wants to be German should give up other nationalities.

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