Condemned invader for war: EU Parliament wants terrorist list for countries like Russia

the occupier is convicted of war
The EU Parliament wants countries like Russia to be on the terrorist list

Unlike the US, the EU does not have a list of terrorist states. This should change with the will of the European Parliament. It calls for tougher action against countries like Russia, which it describes in the resolution as a “state using terrorist means.”

The European Parliament condemned Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. In addition, at the will of the European Parliament, the EU should create a terrorist list for countries such as Russia, so that they are punished more severely. A large majority of parliamentarians supported the corresponding resolution, which also describes Russia as a “state using terrorist means”. Shortly after the adoption of the resolution, the website of the EU Parliament was the target of a hacker attack in the afternoon. The Speaker of the Parliament announced this on Twitter.

Until now, European law has not recognized a category or list of states that support terrorism. There is an EU terrorist list, which can include groups, institutions and individuals, but not states. On the other hand, the USA also has such a list of countries. It currently includes Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea. Countries on this list are subject to arms deal bans and financial sanctions.

The resolution states that listing a country as a “terrorist promoter” could lead to restrictive measures and affect the EU’s relations with countries on the list. What concrete consequences such a listing would have for Russia is unclear and should be left to the EU states to decide.

Zelensky welcomes the decision

Parliament also called for further restrictions on diplomatic ties with Russia and for minimizing contacts with Russian officials at all levels, which is already largely being done. Since the start of the war, EU countries and Russia have sent many diplomats from the other side.

The resolution also calls for further punitive measures, such as an embargo on Russian diamonds. There is also pressure to close and ban state-linked Russian institutions, organizations and associations protected by Russian diplomatic missions. The resolution of the European Parliament is not legally binding. EU countries must decide on sanctions unanimously.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi was happy that the EU Parliament condemned Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. “Russia must be isolated and held accountable at all levels,” the 44-year-old wrote on social media. This should put an end to Russia’s “long-term political terrorism” in Ukraine and the world. Ukraine has been resisting the Russian invasion for almost nine months. Since then, large areas in the east and south of the country have been controlled by Russian troops.

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