Confidence: 4 ways to trust yourself

4 Ways to Believe in Yourself – Even When Others Don’t Believe

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It can be very nice when our ideas receive positive feedback and we feel approved. But sometimes we get criticism rather than encouragement – it can slow us down unnecessarily.

When making decisions, we often seek praise from loved ones. Because acceptance is something that can make us happy. However, in some cases, criticism or comments from others are affected self-doubtwhich can be justified, but sometimes stimulates our brains to spin negative thoughts. Because other people often worry about our next steps and these worries usually move on to us. Of course, they do not express their behavior badly or want to impart incompetence to us, but behave this way because we are important to them. Nevertheless, reckless advice can knock us off course and make us hesitate. But with these tricks, it’s not necessary.

1. “Just do it” is more a fact than a theory

This advice can be applied to almost any situation. Whether it’s a big or small change in your life. For example:

  • Do you want a child, have you already discussed everything with your: partner: in and agree that you can do it?
    With the word “I’m pregnant,” people may receive less disturbing criticism than “We want to have a child.” Because when you decide to try it, there is a lot more room to doubt and rethink things. For example, with questions like, “Did you think about it financially well?” Or “How should this work in the apartment?” Of course, the time of birth of a child should be well thought out, but in the end, thoughts about it are something you can figure out with each other and don’t need the approval of others. Because young parents often skillfully prepare their offspring. If you want advice, you can actively turn to others instead of getting unwanted advice.
  • Are you planning to travel alone, have you chosen a route and are you going to book?
    Order first, then tell! Parents especially like to ask us, no matter what age or really thought about it. And let’s be frank: their situation wouldn’t be otherwise. But once the vacation is over, the flight is booked and the first night is there, then there are not many plans to shake up. So your loved ones have to come to terms with the fact that this trip is coming and you won’t let the plan stop you. There will certainly be common concerns, but the project itself remains.
  • Want to buy a house or apartment, find out about loans and plan to visit the property for the first time?
    Sure, it’s a big step, but once you’ve decided you really want to, don’t let others convince you that you have doubts. Visit a home with real estate agents alone or, for example, with a best friend who will support you rather than criticize your plans. Once you have found the right house or apartment, you can always put the cards on the table with family and friends.

People who criticize our plans usually mean good. However, in some cases, due to their concerns, we inadvertently extend our decision-making. It can be little things like the desire to learn an instrument or a new sport, or bigger things that will change our lives. What our friends and family often forget is that we usually think about big decisions for a long time. Therefore, instead of relying on the thoughts of others for your own happiness, it can help you dig inside and take care of everything yourself.

2. Clear goals instead of uncertainty

When making decisions, it can help not to start with hesitant words such as “I think I want to …”. Instead, the statement should be a statement. The saying “I’m going to adopt a dog” has more power than a hesitant sentence. Because others often interpret this as a sign that we …

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