Controversial image in U.S. primary election: What impact does Trump still have on Republicans?

A mixed picture in the U.S. primary election
How much influence do Republicans still have on Short?

Former US President Dump continues to try to influence his party. For example, by supporting certain candidates in internal party competitions for candidacy. Some of his favorites manage to win, but others are now unsuccessful in the U.S. primary election.

The primary election of U.S. Congress and governors this fall continues to paint a controversial picture of former President Donald Trump’s influence in his Republican party. Short-term partially supported candidates were able to win the primary in five states. But some candidates who had the support of right-wing populists were also defeated.

In an important state of Pennsylvania, Republican candidate for governor was dominated by Doug Mastriano, supported by D. Trump. The current senator from the Pennsylvania state legislature has joined Mr Trump in trying to change the election results after 2020. presidential election.

The Pennsylvania primary election raced for a seat in the U.S. Senate in Washington. According to U.S. broadcasters, Trump-backed Mehmet Oz, a renowned cardiac surgeon and controversial former television doctor, recently had an advantage over his party’s fiercest rival, Dave McCormick. It may take a few days for the result to be clear.

Loss of ultra-right young candidates


Madison Cawthorn, 26, backed D. Trump, but failed to win.

(Photo: AP)

In North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn, a far-right young MP from Trump, defeated her party rival Chuck Edwards. Cawthorn, 26, has been printing negative headlines for several months now.

He was stopped twice at the airport with a gun. In March, he became dissatisfied with his party when he said on a podcast that he had been invited to a sex “orgy” in Washington and saw politicians using cocaine.

Also in North Carolina, candidate Ted Buddha, who is close to Trump, won the primary election in the Senate. In Idaho, on the other hand, current Governor Brad Little defeated Trump-backed rival Janice McGeachin. Primary elections were also held in Kentucky and Oregon on Tuesday.

In the United States, mid-term congressional elections and governor-general elections will be held in November. In the ongoing primary election, Trump, who remains a very popular Conservative base, is expanding his powers and expressing support for Republican candidates loyal to him. The performance of these candidates is seen as a measure of how much influence the former president still has.

D. The short influence on many is a thorn in the eye

In the Conservative Party in particular, many politicians would like Trump’s influence over Republicans to be reduced. The right populist, who in 2020. Joe Biden was clearly inferior to his rival Democrat in the presidential election, regularly nominating a potential new candidate in 2024. elections.

Biden Democrats are also currently holding primary elections. The victory of Pennsylvania Deputy Governor John Fetterman over the Democratic candidacy for the Senate has caused a particular stir. Fetterman, who wore hoods and shorts during the election campaign, suffered a stroke last week. But he is already recovering and says he should recover completely.

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