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How does Schleswig-Holstein fare in the fall of Corona? Prime Minister Daniel Güther (CDU) along with Finance Minister Monika Heinold (Greens) and Health Minister Kerstin von der Decken (CDU) announced on Monday what the chosen route would be.

Everything remains as it is. The Corona Ordinance in Schleswig-Holstein should not be changed. It will be extended from September 14, Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) said on Monday. The situation is now fully under control. The state government does not have to fear that further restrictions will be imposed in the autumn.

Masks are mandatory in public transport, hospitals and care facilities

However, under the Infection Control Act, it is possible to respond if the situation worsens. Stricter mask requirements and, if necessary, further testing commitments would then be possible, Günther said. “I’m just saying this so everyone knows we’re ready. Günther said he thought it would stay that way through the winter. “Whoever gets sick stays at home – just like with other diseases,” said the prime minister. As of now, masks can only be worn on buses and trains, in hospitals and nursing and integration facilities.

SH was irritated by the federal initiative

Federal plans for the Prevention of Infection Act have drawn criticism in Schleswig-Holstein. “In principle, the federal government has leveled the law in the fight between Sars-CoV-2 and plague and cholera by fighting it very quickly,” says Günther. This should go hand in hand with significantly stricter testing for schools and nurseries than has been the case for the past two years. “Our children should experience day care centers and schools as normally as possible,” said the Prime Minister. Günther made it clear that he did not want to approve the bill in the Bundesrat under these conditions. The prime minister no longer considers random tests to be an effective tool in the fight against the coronavirus. He is demanding that the federal government make improvements here. Deputy Prime Minister Heinold said that the goal remains to maintain kindergartens and schools. She was deeply annoyed by the federal government’s plan to require “every little cold” to be tested or removed from daily life.

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Schleswig-Holstein ranks first in the country in terms of vaccination rates

At the beginning of the press conference, Günther emphasized that Schleswig-Holstein is ahead of the rest of the country in its vaccination rates. “Currently, we are moving from a pandemic to an endemic,” explains the Prime Minister. Speaking about the coming cold season, he appeals to people’s personal responsibility. Heinold said she believes movie theaters, restaurants and theaters will be open through the winter. “People should continue to meet and exchange ideas.” Health Minister Kerstin von der Deeken (CDU) emphasized that the hospitalization rate is very important in assessing the situation.

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FFP2 mask in human hand.  © picture alliance/dpa Photo: picture alliance/dpa |  Marijan Murat

The Infection Control Act lifted almost all coronavirus restrictions. However, there are guidelines for certain areas.

A young man wears an FFP2 mask.  © Picture Alliance/dpa |  Frank Rumpenhorst Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst

Currently, only relatively few coronavirus restrictions are in place in the federal and northern states. That should change in the fall. Rules at a glance.

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