Corona: When and how long are you considered recovered and how do you get a recovery certificate?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has had a lot of back and forth lately when it comes to the state of recovery. Sometimes victims were considered cured for six months, then it was only three months. What is currently applicable?

It is clear that the RKI, long responsible for these specifications, it’s gone. From March 19 proof of recovery requirements were directly through new infection control law regulated.

It took 3 months to recover – without exception

And it says: According to the Infection Prevention Act, people whose PCR test for the coronavirus was positive are considered to have recovered. The test to confirm the infection must have been done at least 28 days ago and no more than 90 days ago. Therefore, the state of recovery is valid for a maximum of three months after infection.

But strictly speaking, it is only valid for 62 days, which is about two months, because it does not take effect until four weeks after infection. There are no exceptions that extend the duration.

The duration of the health condition has been reduced from six months to 90 days, as the scientific evidence to date shows that unvaccinated individuals who have had an infection have a reduced and even more temporary protection against re-infection with the omicron variant compared to the delta variant. .

German Infection Protection Act

Even if after the disease it can be assumed that there is a certain degree of protection against recurrence, the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) recommends vaccination at least three months after the diagnosis of corona infection. Vaccination can also be given four weeks after there are no symptoms.

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How do I get a recovery certificate?

Recoveries need either a positive PCR test result or a corresponding letter from the health department if they want their status to be confirmed by a pharmacy or family doctor. The bureau can provide proof later, as laboratories are required to report positive cases to them.

However, proof of recovery is not provided immediately after the end of the quarantine, but only after a 28-day transitional period.

Overview: RKI hiccups due to recovery state

Overview: As of mid-January, restored status was only valid for 90 days, up from 180 days. The reason given by the RKI, which was still in charge at the time, was that after omicron infection, unvaccinated people have less and shorter protection against re-infection. Millions of people lost their reclaimed status almost overnight. There was great outrage, and Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach was sharply criticized.

Then the RKI rowed back: according to its website, the shortened three-month recovery status only applies to “unvaccinated people, meaning not vaccinated either before or after infection”.

Court proceedings for the duration of the convalescent condition

Abridged validity has also been addressed by various courts. Both the Hamburg Administrative Court and the Ansbach Administrative Court considered the reduction illegal and unconstitutional at the time. However, the judgments of the courts only applied to the relevant claimant and not to all recoveries in Germany.

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