Crush Eva Benetatou Is A Mom: How’s Alex Bachelorette?

Would it be for Alexander Chouliar (28) problem? In this year’s season The Bachelorette native Greek could not win the heart of the main character Sharon Battiste (30) win for yourself. However, he was not very sad about it – the two parted amicably. Besides, he has already an eye thrown into another. Evanthia Benetatou (30) did it to him. die Bachelor– Fame has a son – how does Alex feel about it?

I celebrity flash– Interview at the anniversary party Nelle Wustenberg (29) Brand nelipise talked to a candidate on a dating show about his crush on Eva. He also told his fans about it online. Can Alex imagine meeting a woman who is already a mother? “Yes, absolutely! I think family and children in general are a very important component in Greek life. Accordingly, if you love someone, you must love them completely. Eva just had a child.”, he emphasized in the interview. He thinks that he is a good partner to raise a child – he laughed.

Either way, he and Eva should stay in touch because he continues to be the opposite celebrity flash revealed: “I would be very happy to meet her in person because she is absolutely my type in looks. I hope in character as well.” Ex-fiancee is coming Chris Broy (33) but in a new love format.

Alexandros Chouliaras, Bachelor candidate

Instagram / evanthiabenetatou

Evanthia Benetatou with her son George in 2022. in April
Alexandros Chouliaras, The Candidate and The Bachelorette

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