Day of the Rose Revolution: how many women experience violence during childbirth

Childbirth should be a special moment of safety for women. In fact, every second person experiences violence in their difficult daily clinical routine. They remember this today, the Day of the Rose Revolution, by placing roses in front of hospitals.

“Suddenly they cut me. Without warning, without giving birth. I cried, although I was not allowed. The cut was not enough, I had to cut again.

I was alone in the delivery room and I was scared, crying and shaking. My husband was not allowed to come.

It bothered me why I was bleeding so much.

The midwife said, “There’s nothing we can do about this messy birth. Now I’m going to show you what real birth feels like.”

Without warning, the doctor put his hand in me. I felt raped.”

How to describe Women their experiences during childbirth. What should be one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life turns into a trauma for many mothers.

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