Deodorant Cream Test: Not as “clean” as the so-called aluminum deodorant does not necessarily have to be

Verification procedure

We bought 30 deodorant creams in pharmacies, supermarkets and discount stores, 14 of which were certified natural cosmetics. The term deodorant cream includes both conventional antiperspirants with aluminum and creams whose deodorant effect is mainly based on sodium bicarbonate. Prices range from € 1.65 to € 19.83 per 50 milliliters or grams of content. Based on the declaration, we captured conflicting ingredients such as PEG / PEG derivatives, environmentally harmful plastic compounds (synthetic polymers, silicones) and preservatives suspected of being present. Specialist laboratories examined the samples for the presence of questionable formaldehyde / formaldehyde releases, allergenic odors and artificial musk odors, as well as conflicting halogenated organic compounds; Products containing paraffin also check for the presence of problematic mineral oil components, and products containing siloxane are contaminated with siloxane D4, which is classified as toxic to reproduction. We measured the amount of aluminum in products advertised as antiperspirants. The packaging was checked for the presence of chlorinated compounds harmful to the environment. With regard to deodorants in plastic packaging, we asked suppliers for proof that the packaging contained recycling. For deodorants with a duration of action advertised (“24 h”, “48 h”), we asked the suppliers to carry out appropriate research. If the providers did not submit any study, did not submit a detailed study, or one that we did not consider to be very meaningful, we evaluated it based on the test result Other Deficiencies.

evaluation legend

Unless otherwise stated, the devaluation thresholds mentioned here are not legal but set by ÖKO-TEST. The assessment thresholds were set by ÖKO-TEST, taking into account the measurement uncertainty due to the specific studies and the inherent differences in the method.

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Components of the evaluation test result: According to the test results, the components underestimate four classes: formaldehyde / formaldehyde distributor. Two-degree depreciation: (a) PEG / PEG derivatives; (b) declared odor-causing odors (here: isoeugenol); (c) a measured siloxane D4 content of more than 100 mg / kg; d) MOAH. One degree of devaluation results in: (a) declarable odors that may cause allergies (here: cinnamyl alcohol, hydroxycitronellal), if the declared flavorings have not yet been downgraded to two classes; (b) more than 1% silicone compounds and / or paraffins / artificial paraffins; (c) aluminum salts (here: aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum sulphate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydroxygly, aluminum sesquichlorohydrate); (d) BHT or a combination of BHA and BHT; (e) silver chloride.

Evaluation test result Other defects: Based on the test results, four classes are devalued due to additional deficiencies: no convincing, comprehensive efficacy study for the product with promised efficacy is provided, eg “24 hours protection”, “48 hours”, “7 days”. effect ’or similar. For these reasons, two classes are impaired: (a) silicones, if the test result has not yet been impaired for silicones (here: dimethicone); (b) Insufficient efficacy studies (where: there is no significant difference between the untreated armpit and the deodorant-treated armpit in the olfactory test). As a result, one class is depreciated: a) The proportion of recycled materials (post-consumer recycling, PCR) is less than 30 percent of the total weight of the plastic packaging, or there is no information on this or insufficient evidence at our request. ; (b) PVC / PVDC / chlorinated compounds in packaging; (c) an outer box which does not protect the glass.

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General verdict based on the components of the test result. A test score that is “satisfactory” reduces the overall score by one point. A test score that is “unsatisfactory” reduces the overall score by two points. A “good” test score does not impair the overall score.

For legal reasons, we would like to point out that we have not checked the effects of the products promised by the producers, apart from some promises about deodorising in the relevant surveys.

test methods

Test methods (depending on product composition):
Declared flavorings / diethyl phthalate / polycyclic musk and nitromuscular compounds / cashmere: extraction with TBME, GC-MS.
Halogen-organic compounds: (a) extraction of hot water with subsequent centrifugation and filtration through a membrane, coupling of organic halogens with activated carbon, combustion of activated carbon in an oxygen stream, …

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