Destructive Putin record: Kremlin boss destroys his country

The war in Ukraine is not over yet, but the balance Vladimir Putin can already be described as disastrous. Although he likes the attention of the whole world, but so much. Here is his very personal injury record:

1. According to the Ukrainian military 27,900 Russian soldiers were killed on the battlefield in Ukraine. 669 Russian tanks and 1,194 armored vehicles were destroyed. The Ukrainian military also managed to shoot down 26 fighter jets and 41 helicopters. Putin’s praised army made fun of itself and with him in front of the whole world.

The global power of raw materials Russia has lost to the West as a buyer

2. The Russian economy , whose growth rates have never been high, are now shrinking. Almost all Western companies – from McDonald’s to Mercedes to Henkel and Ikea – to leave the country. Inflation is soaring, with a 17.8 percent devaluation of the currency last measured.

3. In the energy market Russia can still make a profit, especially due to the huge rise in prices in the oil and gas business. However, important customers, including Germany, will leave in the medium term. Russia has lost the power of the world of raw materials as a buyer.

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NATO enlargement plans: Putin surrounds himself

4. Suspended from the international payment system SWIFT Russia’s export industry is actually losing access to Western markets. Technology transfer has also been banned. Putin’s country is technologically dried.

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5. Trade China During the Western sanctions regime, the risk of a cluster has increased and Russia is at risk. Already in 2021, China was the most important trading partner of the Russian Federation in terms of import and export sales with 17.9 percent. Russia has become vulnerable to blackmail.

6. Towards NATO enlargement plans Finland, Sweden and Ukraine created a security situation for Russia that the generals of Moscow could not like. Vladimir Putin unnecessarily secured the siege he really wanted to prevent. As a result, he falls within the horizons of his army.

Putin set fire to his country

7. Russia’s economic and spiritual elite abroad is treated as a pariah. Anna Netrebko’s concerts were canceled, and art directors such as Valeri Gergiev had to leave. Oligarch Roman Abramovich had no choice but to sell his football club FC Chelsea. The internationality of the Russian elite has disappeared. She is experiencing a return to the nation.

Conclusion: So Vladimir Putin can no longer do any service to his country. He wanted to enter history as the new tsar, and today looks like the second emperor Nero, who in his delusions of greatness allowed his empire to ignite.