DIRK Research: How Generation Share Invests.

Initiators look at behavior generation stock. Sentiments and trends indicate the increasing popularity and awareness of investment products such as mutual funds and ETFs.

The research was carried out by the Financial Communication Research Center of the University of Leipzig, commissioned by DIRK – Deutscher Investor Relations Verband (DIRK) and supported by the Deutsches Aktieninstitut. Other sponsors of the research project were DekaBank, Lanxess AG, SAP and Zalando.

The most important motivation for young people to invest is long-term wealth accumulation (77%), followed by the desire to compensate interest (63%). About 56% are saving for retirement. The basis was a survey of 705 investors under the age of 35 and 951 people over the age of 35. Only people who invested at least once in a stock, ETF or fund were included.

Funds, ETFs and individual stocks

According to the survey, ETFs and funds (82%) are the most popular product area, followed by individual stocks (65%) and cryptocurrencies (32%). 34% are committed to term and call money. The vast majority of young investors save regularly: 70% of them have implemented savings plans.

Financial portals, the online video platform YouTube, podcasts and Instagram are important sources of information on capital market topics for young investors. In contrast to older investors, media platforms and social formats are more popular and visited. According to DIRK, Generation Aktien often uses information from listed companies, such as annual reports (75%) and investor relations websites (70%).

Deutsches Aktieninstitut (DAI) board member Christine Bortenlänger: “It’s great to see people under 35 taking their finances and pensions more into their own hands and investing in shares.”

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“That’s why we rightly talk about stock generation. Young investors know that those who invest in stocks broadly and for the long term could expect average annual returns of six to nine percent in the past.

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