Driver Grades Winner in Austin!

( – So he can still do it! Sebastian Vettel was not only voted “Man of the Race” in the official Formula 1 voting.but now also secures victory in the traditional driver rankings, which are always awarded on the Monday after the race on Sunday.

Kevin Magnussen, Sebastian Vettel

The race in Austin was a duel between Kevin Magnussen and Sebastian Vettel


Finally, the users of the portal decided who would win the race. Formula 1 expert Marc Surer gave three drivers a grade of 1: Vettel, the winner on the track, Max. Verstappenand Lewis Hamilton. All three pilots received a rating of 2 from the editors, so the average user vote was decisive for the final positions.

Vettel was the best performer with a score of 1.46, closely followed by Verstappen (1.52) and within a respectable distance of Hamilton (2.05). Just under 400 users voted this time, as voting didn’t activate immediately after crossing the finish line as usual, but only a few hours later due to a glitch.

A result that expert Surer agrees with. Vettel drove “like Verstappen” and “didn’t give up after a nasty pit stop”, praising the heart of the Aston Martin veteran. Verstappen’s race was only made interesting by a bad pit stop, while in Hamilton “the choice of tires was correct”: “He was very fast on Hart”, analyzes Surer.

More real: The collision isn’t entirely Russell’s fault

Interesting: George Russell (12th) gives Surer a score of 2, significantly better than users or editors. Because, in his opinion, the Mercedes driver is not solely to blame for the collision with Carlos Sainz in the first corner: “I found the penalty unfair. Sainz pulled to the left. It was a racing accident for me.”

These names have a similar history

The Swiss also scores a 6 twice. First, Valtteri Bottas, who needlessly put the Alfa Romeo in a gravel bed (“If the car is fast again, he throws it out”), and secondly, Lance Stroll, Surer sees responsibility for the collision with Fernando Alonso: “It was a dangerous maneuver!”

Speaking of Alonso: Surer doesn’t understand why he was later penalized for a loose rear-view mirror (which later fell off completely): “The rear-view mirror is penalized, but not the rear panels?” He is surprised that race control only gave Alonso, but did not sanction Sergio Perez. By the way, in the case of the latter, “Bottas’ touch was marginal.”

2 rating from the experts this time for Sainz “for the pole”, Lando Norris “for a good final sprint” and Yuki Tsunoda: “It wasn’t bad from the back”. Guanyu Zhou Surer, for example, scored a 3: “Without the engine penalty it would have been possible to get points,” he believes, praising Mick Schumacher (4) for “a good first start, but then things went wrong”.

Incidentally, in the 2022 overall standings, which traditionally culminate in the crowning of the driver of the year, with three race weekends remaining, everything looks as if Verstappen will be able to successfully defend last year’s title. With 75 points to go, his lead over Leclerc is currently 67 points.

How we assign grades

die Our assessment idea is to evaluate the performance during the weekend and especially in the race with grades (1 = very good, 6 = unsatisfactory). External influences beyond the control of drivers themselves should be ignored. And so that not only the editors subjectively evaluate, as football magazines do, we created a total of three equal pillars with readers and experts.

Top Driver Ranking 2022 in Austin:
01. Sebastian Vettel, note 1.5 (Readers 1:5 – 1 most genuine – 2 editor)
02. Max Verstappen, note 1.5 (Readers 1:5 – 1 most genuine – 2 editor)
03. Lewis Hamilton, note 1.7 (Readers 2:1 – 1 most authentic – 2nd edition)
04. Charles Leclerc, note 2.0 (Readers 2:1 – Surer 2 – Editorial 2)
05. Lando Norris, note 2.1 (Readers 2:3 – Surer 2 – Editorial 2)
06. Fernando Alonso, note 2.2 (Readers 2:5 – Surer 2 – Editorial 2)
07. Kevin Magnussen, note 2.5 (Readers 2:6 – Surer 2 – Editorial 3)
08. Carlos Sainz, note 2.6 (Readers 2:7 – Surer 2 – 3 redaction)
09. Yuki Tsunoda,…

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