€60 PS Plus credit included in the green electricity tariff E wie Einfach

Love the PS5 but not so much God of War? Also, don’t want to pay €619 for the package? Then take a look at E wie, because there you can save not only on the console, but also on the electricity bill! €60 PS Plus credit also available as a bonus.

You pay a one-time fee of €199 for the PS5 and voucher, On the E wie simple website, you can easily find out how much you have to pay for the MeinÖkoTarif every month. Just enter your postcode and estimated consumption in the quote calculator and you’ll get your personal rate.

Here’s a long way to the E wie SIMPLE offer

Cheap green electricity, cheaper PS5

You rarely get a PS5 as cheap as a simple E deal. Either you pay the full price, which has only increased since release, or you get it with an expensive cell phone plan. What’s more, with this offer, you can choose the exact game you want to play with a PS Plus voucher instead of choosing one of the available bundles.

If the PS5 alone is understandably unconvincing, there are still some arguments to take a closer look at the tariff. Since E like recently just reduced the rates, in some regions the provider’s price is lower than the base, so you can save a lot here. In addition, you are protected from price increases because you have the whole twelve month price guarantee. The minimum term expires with the guarantee, so if the costs are too high for you later, you can simply switch to another supplier.

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Now E how to easily calculate your electricity price

How does the switch work?

It is very easy for you to change your electricity supplier. Simply complete the MeinÖkoTarif online and make a payment of €199 after your creditworthiness has been checked. The PS5 will be at your door approximately 14 days after payment is received and nothing gets in the way of fun. Everything else related to switching providers is handled by E for you.

One more thing to note: if for any reason you cancel your contract before the minimum term is up, you’ll have to pay the full €619 for the PS5 (minus the €199 deposit). If it’s too complicated for you, but the offer sounds good to you, you can too give up PS5 and credit on contract to receive

Now E how to easily calculate your electricity price

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