Electric Cars: Profit Like Tesla? – “Unthinkable in the next five years”

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Profit like Tesla? – “Unthinkable in the next five years”

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg, Grünheide.  The company celebrates sales records Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg, Grünheide.  The company celebrates sales records

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg, Grünheide. The company celebrates sales records

Source: dpa/Patrick Pleul

Sales of electric cars are growing worldwide. Elon Musk’s company is on a roll and expects to sell more than 1.3 million units this year. Toyota and Honda are also recording successful sales. German manufacturers, on the other hand, are lagging behind.

DIn the automotive industry, it’s time for intermediate balances again. Corporations such as General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Volkswagen will report their quarterly data next week. Almost all will report huge profits despite chip shortages and global crises.

In addition to profit, the focus is on numbers that provide information about future viability. First of all, the number of electric cars sold. Their sales are growing rapidly all over the world, while the sales of cars with gasoline and diesel engines are decreasing.

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currently lying Tesla became the world market leader. Elon Musk’s company by 2022 sold about 908,600 vehicles at the end of September, and experts expect more than 1.3 million.

From Chinese rival BYD amounts to 1.17 million But it also includes plug-in hybrids with electric and internal combustion engines, which account for about half of sales.

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With 366,400 sales of electric cars alone since the start of the year, the Volkswagen Group is well behind Tesla. When measured by the growth of electric mobility, 25 percent. the growth compared to last year appears to be quite modest. Electronic sales numbers are even lower BMW (128,200) and Mercedes-Benz (75,400).

Based on these numbers, Tesla’s advantage in software and IT is linked to a greater manufacturing advantage, says Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the Center for Automotive Research. Tesla leads with “almost unattainable important economies of scale, i.e. best cost conditions.”

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E-car market leader

The extremely high profit margins that Tesla achieves with its electric cars are “unthinkable for German car companies in the next five years.” One of the reasons for economies of scale is Tesla’s narrow model range of four vehicles.

Bloomberg analysts expect the manufacturer to sell 760,000 units worldwide in 2022 ModelY will sell Last year, the car would have been the fourth best-selling car in the world, including the internal combustion engine. Last year, the Model 3 was already in the top ten.

Dominated the list so far Toyota and honda. German models are not among the global bestsellers.

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