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Many sectors (automotive, industrial, architecture) have been using tools in 3D modeling and printing for several years to generate a large number of design options thanks to AI algorithms. Now, most recently, with the proliferation of AI video generators like Midjourney, Dall-E and other software, “artificial intelligence” is now reaching the working world of creative professionals. About opportunities, risks and ethics.

A few days ago, the story went around the world. An image submitted by game developer Jason Allen to a fine arts competition in Colorado and created using artificial intelligence.Space Opera Theater” (pictured below) is awarded a prize. Since then, both Allen and the organizer have been criticized. The comments on Twitter are like watching the death of art unfold right before our eyes. It is unacceptable that an image created by algorithms surpasses a work created by human hands.

Allen, the owner of Incarnate Games, a small board game company, told US media that he had not broken any rules. The entry, which was awarded a $300 prize, was submitted by Jason Allen via Midjourney. When asked about the accusations made by many users on the web that the photo was not actually his work, Allen explains his work for the contest. be the result of more than 900 iterations and give it a try. In total, he worked for 80 hours, using other tools such as Photoshop to fine-tune the details.

“Space Opera House” von Jason Allen, Quelle: Discord,@Sincarnate

An internationally largely unknown fine art competition in the town of Pueblo may become the nucleus of new understanding as it inadvertently raises many ethical, social, cultural, economic and legal questions. What is creativity? Can humans claim to have achieved a creative feat by providing words to artificial intelligence software via input (prompt)? Is it fair to those who don’t use AI software that such work should be recognized? Do artists, graphic designers, designers, photographers, illustrators and other creative people have to worry about their professional future?

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What seemed utopian some time ago has become a reality. With the help of artificial intelligence, visual works can be generated based on textual descriptions alone, which not only hold their own against those created by human hands, but even defeat them. The AI ​​software used is not just for a few researchers in labs, but it instantly brings the subject into the working world of all creative people, now freely available. AI image generators love Middle trip, Dall-E 2 (Open AI), Image (Google Brain) and Stable diffusion push to market. Midjourney alone now has over a million users.

The debate about what is and what is not art has been going on since ancient times. Works such as those by Jason Allen promote a basic principle developed by Joseph Beuys.Everyone is an artist” into the digital age. The Internet and digitization have changed the way people work and communicate with each other and fundamentally changed the entire social life. In essence, Beuy’s basic principle can be applied to almost every other discipline, professional group, and every other field of activity these days. Everyone is an artist, designer, actor, musician, entertainer, reporter, travel reporter, author, nutritionist, equipment specialist, chef, mental coach or dog trainer. Thanks to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Criticism of technical innovations and new forms of expression does not only exist on the Internet. The French writer and art critic expressed himself in the middle of the 19th century Charles Baudelaire denigrates photography and denied its justification as an art form. According to his criticism, creating art requires imagination. And he could not imagine the fantasy associated with a technical camera. Since then, not only the understanding of art has fundamentally changed.

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