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If children are interested in motorcycles at a young age, they usually remain fans or athletes. MotoAmerica works closely with the authors of the children’s books Mimi and Moto.

The Kids Zone in the US MotoAmerica Championship has been around since 2019. The idea came from Nancy Gerloff and Mark Augustyn, who were the authors of books for children Mimi and Moto – Motorcycle Monkeys became famous.

“Ever since Mark helped the MotoAmerica team with operations and marketing, our relationship has flourished,” Nancy told SPEEDWEEK.com. “The children’s area is designed to offer children a lot of activities, including a climbing wall, ball games and a motorcycle stunt show, and parents bring their money in motorcycle racing. We have small and slow electric bikes that are basically designed as balance bikes but have a battery drive and are suitable for children. In this way, even the little ones are introduced to real motorcycles. The bikes are from Stacyc, now a Harley-Davidson-owned company. We put Mimi and Moto stickers on these electric bikes, now they look so cute.

“It gives us a direct connection to people who already love motorcycles,” said a resident of Brandenburg who has lived in Atlanta for many years. “We really don’t have to convince metropolitan residents who may not be interested in motorcycles anyway and think they are too dangerous. The children’s area focuses on families who love everything related to motorcycles. When in 2019. we won the AIMExpo fuel tank competition at the Motorcycle Industry Council in Columbus, we were forced to sit down and think about our company’s strategy and direction not just in books. Unfortunately, people in the motorcycle industry are not very interested in growing young motorcycles. Because there are a lot of old people out there who have been doing this for 50 years and know better. However, young companies are much more agile with ideas that these large companies often lack.

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He notices that by turning the books right away, children from one and a half to ten years are introduced to the topic of motorcycles in a playful and cheerful way. In the fall of 2022, Nancy and Mark’s third book, entitled The Miraculous Mimi and Moto Meteors, will be published, in which motorcycle-crazy monkeys not only do a lot of nonsense, they save the world. The books are currently available in English only and can be ordered for $ 14.99 plus shipping directly through the site. There are also suitable t-shirts, baby diapers and Mimi and Moto, which can be bought as cute toys.

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