Expert explains: How likely are other wolves to appear in the Zollernalb area? – Killertal & Burladingen

Wolves cover hundreds of kilometers during migration. Photo: Thissen

The first wolf roamed the Zollernalb area – that’s for sure. Will he stay? Wolf expert Felix Böcker on sightings, research and pack formation.

Zollernalb district – One thing is clear: in November in the Zollernalb district there was a Wolf on the way – in the Burladinger district. This The animal fell into a photo trap. Felix Böcker from the Baden-Württemberg Forest Research Institute (FVA) in Freiburg explains to our editors whether the sighting was surprising, how many reports there have been in the Zollernalb area recently, and why the investigation is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. .

Is the wolf sighting in the Zollernalb area a surprise?

“Essentially, the appearance of single migrating wolves can be expected everywhere in Baden-Württemberg,” Böcker explains to our editors. They lay for hundreds of kilometers Animals respectively to return to their forays “to seek a partner or establish their own territory in a suitable region.”

Is it being noticed quite late because wolves have already been spotted in other areas of Baden-Württemberg?

It is not possible to predict exactly when the animals could appear between the Black Forest, the Alb and Lake Constance. For years, wolves have been expected to migrate to the southwest and settle. “The formation of pores and packing has been expected for several years,” explains Böcker. “But when this actually happens can only be observed, but not predicted. The same is true for evidence of wolf migration.” It is not clear whether the wolf that the killer hunters caught on November 11 was actually the first one between Albstadt, Ballingen and Hechingen. Böcker: “It is possible that there were more wolves roaming through the Zollernalb area than we were able to find out.

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How is the on-site inspection carried out?

This requires several clues that are related in space and time. Wolves with a fixed territory also use large areas. Therefore, closer examination is often like looking for a needle in a haystack.

How does a wolf determine a specific territory? Is it possible that he will stay?

In principle, it is possible that the wolf from Killer will remain in the Zollernalb area. However, it will be seen more often in the coming weeks and months. “According to the monitoring standards valid in the country, a wolf is classified as territorial if it has been detected in the region for at least six months,” reports the expert. According to Böcker, settled animals use an area of ​​about 250 to 350 square kilometers.

How many wolves have been seen in the Zollernalb area recently?

Since the beginning of 2021, FVA has registered 25 reports of suspected wolves from the Zollernalb area. Seven of them were evaluated as “negative”, four cases could not be evaluated, one case can definitely be attributed to a wolf. In seven cases, the wolf can neither be confirmed nor ruled out. Further reports will be verified.

What is the probability that other animals will appear in the region?

According to the FVA, it is still to be hoped that wolves will migrate to Baden-Württemberg. Böcker: “We can expect an increase here.” Therefore, the wolf can spread further: “Sooner or later wolf territories and packs will appear in other regions than the Black Forest of Baden-Württemberg.”

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