First to school, then to the cup: How Oberliga club Stuttgarter Kickers set their sights on Eintracht Frankfurt

The Oberliga club “Stuttgarter Kickers” is preparing for the second round match DFB Cup against Eintracht Frankfurt this Tuesday (6 p.m. The sky) quite calmly. Coach Mustafa Ünal still has to go to school in the morning, players like Lukas Kiefer rely on a little sweat. This football match does not get a special status. Although it has been the talk of the town for weeks, for the manager and his team from the last fifth division club left in the competition, it is nothing but a tasty treat with the flavor of the Champions League, Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal.


The guest at the Gazi Stadium is Waldau with Eintracht’s last season’s team. The team won the Europa League title and thus entered the “Premier” class. Eintracht last beat Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. 5-1 off the field. “This is an amazing team. When Frankfurt moves, it will be very brutal for every opponent. But it will also be for us if they don’t move,” head coach Ünal said in an interview. SPORTBUZZER, the sports portal of the Editorial Network Germany (RND), is smiling.

Kickers don’t want to drive themselves crazy ahead of the game against Hessians. why? In the “Oberliga” they are doing great with the first place, the great aspiration to rise does not go out of focus. “We are not going to turn everything upside down and want to continue to focus fully on the Oberliga,” says the 39-year-old head coach of the two-time Bundesliga player.


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When the Kickers played at German Oberhaus (1988/1989 and 1991/1992 seasons), Ünal was away from his coaching job at the Blues. Then he went to school and is still studying. Not as a student, but as a teacher. The 39-year-old is due to return to real work this Tuesday. Ünal works 16 hours a week in a comprehensive school. A trained metal worker, he teaches computer science, economics, technology and sports.

On the day of the cup game, sessions run until around 12 noon, with just a few hours left before the 4.30pm meeting. Then the influx of fans should begin. Only shortly after the start of sales, 10,000 tickets were sold out. Gazi Stadium sold out for the first time in 16 years. “My team deserves to play in front of a full house. They will be ready and brave,” declares Ünal.

Among other things, Kiefer has to take it to the field. The midfielder got into the mood for the match with some of his teammates, including New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, with a haka dance. “With this video, we want to give our team a face and focus on the team – because we still exist. The Haka conveys a lot of fight and strength. Along with a good mentality, we want to fight against Frankfurt. It’s the least we have to bring to a game like this.” says Kiefer.

The former VfB Stuttgart youth player, like almost all of his teammates, still enjoys professional status with the Kickers. This means: as a footballer in the fifth division, Kiefer does not have to go to work. So he can fully concentrate on the game on Tuesday. “In the morning I get a little active, a little sweaty. At noon I lie down for half an hour. And then I leave an hour before the meeting,” says Kiefer, who is actually only a half-hour drive away. . – But I don’t want to stress and drink coffee in peace.

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