For two reasons, we will never know how he is actually doing

2013 December 29 changes lives Michael Schumacher forever. Falling on the ski slopes, he suffered a severe brain injury with such severe consequences that he has never been seen in public ever since.

He lives in isolation by Lake Geneva for many years. A year when millions of fans have not lost hope and the family is protecting the privacy of the family man. But all this begs the question: how is he doing? A question that has remained virtually unanswered so far – and will probably remain so.

How about Michael Schumacher?

The last comprehensive report on Schumi’s condition dates back to 2014, when he was moved home to Lake Geneva. At the time, he had “progressed in recent weeks and months according to the severity of the injury, but he still has a long and difficult way to go.”

Schumacher has since been at his Swiss mansion in Gland on Lake Geneva. There, all necessary measures were taken to enable him to rehabilitate in the foster family.

To what extent Schumacher can determine his life again is a question the answer to which is not for the public. Such a policy of absolute secrecy should be in the interests of former Formula 1 professionals. He is said to have protected his and his family’s privacy by all legal means before the accident. His wife Corinna and his manager Sabine Kehm are now continuing this. There are two specific reasons why even minor updates are not provided.

Why nothing is published about Schumacher’s condition

One reason is famous fokusas.dethat a reliable prognosis cannot be made due to the complexity of brain injuries. Every trauma has its own course and after a certain moment can no longer be reliably predicted – even the best doctors.

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In addition, changes in health status are only disclosed if they are in fact permanent. Fluctuations are normal and one day may be better than the previous – but the next day it may look completely different.

Manager Sabine Kehm also wants to only inform the public if there are new, concrete hopes for a significant improvement in her health. If Kehm were to release a press release today, it would have to do so on a regular basis. So you may never know how Michael Schumacher is actually doing at the moment.

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