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The Founders of The Lion's Den: Expert Reveals 4 Tips for Women to Prove and Start Success

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The two founders of Darmstadt show how this is done: in the latest series, Die Höhle der Löwen, three lions have invested a total of € 300,000 in a young starter. Nevertheless, there is a large imbalance between women and men in Germany.

“It is difficult for many women founders to prove themselves to be important investors. There are as many talented women as there are men, ”says Sébastien Briclot, a founding management consultant for women. In this guest article, he is happy to reveal how women can prove themselves in the startup business.

1. New opportunities for women

The present times are promising for women founders. Because nowadays anyone can build their own business. The key virtues of success are important: Future entrepreneurs need to be able to make quick decisions. They should understand the art of adapting to the market. Last but not least, the pandemic has also shown how quickly all the general conditions can change. However, in the long run, you can only be successful if, despite all the changes in the market, you are able to make your business model as attractive as possible and thus achieve high sales figures. Therefore, the goal should always be to be one step ahead of the competition.

2. Do not tear too early

Many starters start with one product. However, instead of gaining a foothold in the market, the range of offers expands after a short time. It combines important resources, including time, money, and a workforce. Elsewhere, however, these factors do not exist. Therefore, it is important to focus on one article first and try to make it as successful as possible. The aim should be to fully dominate this product segment, ie to achieve high sales figures here. If this succeeds, an expansion of supply can still be considered.

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3. The focus must not be limited to the product

However, it is important not only to monitor the range of goods. On the contrary, the areas of sales and marketing should not be forgotten. Therefore, it is necessary not only to create an attractive article, but also to sell it professionally. This requires creating sales channels that usually make sense for a separate team. After all, the goal is to sell the product as often as possible. This is the basis for earning enough revenue to improve your offer – it is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

4. Careful use of money

It is very important for every entrepreneur to handle finances wisely. All the more so for the start-up to set up it will usually benefit from outside money. It is therefore important not to waste. At an early stage, consideration should be given to how best to use capital to create high value for the company. When it comes to money, every mistake can have serious consequences. It is therefore advisable to always think carefully in advance whether certain purchases are really needed. In the long run, the entrepreneur must learn to weigh the risks and opportunities against each other.

About women’s sales:

Sébastien Briclot is the owner and CEO of Sales by Women. The company has set itself the task of helping consultants, coaches and service providers to optimally establish themselves in the market, become visible and digitize customer acquisition. Sébastien was able to gain several years of professional experience in sales, quickly realizing the importance of sales and marketing, and already trained companies, structures and newcomers himself. He enjoys developing strategies and processes and adapting to each client’s individual situation. More information at:

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