Free Games and More: How to Save on Digital Video Games?

Free games and more
How to save money with digital video games?

Whether it's console, PC or smartphone: gamers can save big on games.

Whether it’s console, PC or smartphone: gamers can save big on games.

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For those who can do without physical versions of games, there are many ways to save money on games.

With high inflation and the energy crisis, many people in Germany will be wondering how much money they want to spend on a hobby like gaming right now. At Games-However, consumers can save in a number of ways. Here are some suggestions for how players can add new titles to their collection for cheap or even free.

Use discount campaigns

Whether iPhone or Android smartphone, PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch or Xbox X/S Series: There are actually offers for the most common platforms. Also, there are always bigger campaigns where games from certain genres, individual developers and publishers, or similar games are sometimes heavily discounted.

For example, Steam’s big seasonal sales are especially popular. PC gamers will find deals on hundreds of games of all genres here. Newly released titles are often not discounted or only slightly discounted, but older games are often discounted by 50 percent or more. For example, Steam’s Great Fall Sale is scheduled for November 22-29, with a corresponding Winter Sale starting in 2023. December 22 until January 5

In addition to Steam, the Epic Games Store and, which are also among the most prominent distribution platforms on PC, often offer deals. Even big publishers, including, for example, Ubisoft, continue to sell their titles on their platforms at lower prices.

Multiple games in a package

Probably the most famous provider of so-called packages, that is, game packages Humble Bundles. Part of the purchase price goes to charity. Packages are often split. If you pay more, you get more games. Example: There is currently a collection of games from developer 11 Bit Studios. A large package with nine games costs about 15 euros, a small package with two games costs a little less than a euro.

Games in Abo

Some subscriptions work as a flat fee, but they’re also comparable to streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. While the subscription is active, players can play as many featured games as they want.

For example, Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade for Android users are widespread iPhone– Users. Google and Apple offer a trial subscription. After that, access to Play Pass costs just under five euros a month or 30 euros a year, while Arcade also costs around five euros a month. Alternatively, the offer is also included in the Apple One, in which several services are bundled for currently just under 17-32 euros per month.

Xbox Game Pass offers a one-rate subscription for Xbox devices and PC. After the first month with a discount, it all costs about ten euros per month for the corresponding base version, or just under 13 euros for the Ultimate version, which also includes Xbox Live Gold. Online multiplayer requires gold on Microsoft consoles. There are also new games every month that subscribers can play as long as the membership is active.

Sony uses a similar model to rival Microsoft with PlayStation Plus. There are Essential, Extra and Premium options, which currently cost from around nine euros a month to 120 euros a year, depending on the subscription you choose. In addition to the online multiplayer feature, there are also free games each month that can only be played as long as the membership is active. Depending on the subscription you choose, there is also an additional catalog of playable games.

Alternatively, the Humble Choice Humble Bundle is popular among PC gamers. For just under $12, players get a few games each month that they can keep even after pausing or canceling their subscription. Shooter Hell Let Loose,…

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