Getting New Year’s Resolutions Right: A Fitness Coach Shares 5 Tips To Make A Realistic…

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New Year's Resolutions Get It Right: A Fitness Coach Shares 5 Tips for Setting and Sticking to Realistic Goals

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We all know it: we set personal fitness goals at the end of the year and resolve to do better after the New Year. But we rarely stick to it—in fact, every year we find out that our goals were probably set too high. But why is this and how does everyone manage to keep their New Year’s resolutions?

“Every year, clients tell me that they didn’t keep their New Year’s resolutions – if you go into it without a clear strategy, you can’t be successful,” says Jan Bahmann. The fitness consultant has already guided more than 700 people to a healthy weight and knows how everyone sets realistic goals for the new year – and ultimately achieves them.

In this article, he shares his top five tips for making personal New Year’s resolutions the ultimate success.

1. Formulate measurable goals

First of all, those who want to lose weight should set a specific goal. Generic resolutions like “lose some weight” are too general and almost invite you to give up too soon. It is better to consciously set a mark, for example, to lose exactly 10 kilograms of fat in six months. In this way, you can always check how close you are to the goal – this ensures long-term motivation.

2. Set realistic goals

The goal should always be achievable, not too high. In this way, even smaller successes are possible in the shortest possible time. If you want to lose weight, you should set a goal that matches your past habits. Anyone who wants to lose 50 kilos in a year, but throws in the towel in frustration after a month of challenges, has not achieved anything. Better: Set the right goals and don’t overextend yourself.

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3. Work with intermediate goals

It is also useful to set several stages. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should divide a large weight loss plan into several intermediate goals. In order to motivate yourself, it is useful to reward yourself with something pleasant for each stage. Losing weight is not a sprint, but a marathon.

4. Stick to a fixed plan

People like to work towards goals, which can be very helpful when it comes to weight loss: you need to save 7,500 calories to lose a pound of fat. So if you want to lose 50 kilograms and save 500 kilocalories per day, you arithmetically need 700 days.

Therefore, motivated people should realistically plan how many calories they want to save. But be careful: failures are natural and should be planned accordingly. Therefore, it is advisable to set a slightly higher calorie deficit. For example, at 750 kilocalories per day, you still have enough leeway if you lose weight.

5. Connect with like-minded people

It can also be useful to have like-minded people on the way to the desired weight. Exercising in the fresh air with a companion is twice as much fun. Nothing is more crucial to success than the right environment: At best, regular temptations should be avoided. Instead, if you eliminate people who are working towards the same goal, it will be much easier to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

About Jan Bahman:

Jan Bahmann is a weight loss coach and together with his team he helps his clients to lose weight and feel good in the long run. Special feature: In addition to simple weight loss, the goal of coaching is primarily to develop a new understanding of a healthy lifestyle – without major restrictions or sacrifices. More information at:

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