Giro d’Italia with champagne fountains like Biniam Girmay? Please don’t!

WIf you want to make real champagne – or even a winemaker’s sparkling wine using the traditional Methode method – you should have a good hand, deep knowledge and a lot of patience. The basis is healthy grapes, two alcoholic fermentations and nine months of storage on yeast.

Each individual bottle is rotated several degrees over and over again. An almost endless ceremony necessary to cleanse sparkling wine of yeast. Out of respect for this noble craft, it is not appropriate to recklessly splurge on an expensive drink.

But champagne fountains have long been part of the podiums of this sporting world. No cycling without honoring the kiss of the best hosts on the stage, followed by a splash of sparkling wine. Also after a Formula 1 race or other frenzy. Generally a viscous affair. Finally, it makes no difference whether sparkling wine, champagne, cava, crémant or even prosecco are served.

Anyone who understands this form of celebration as an expression of a supposedly decadent high class and engages in more proletarian drinks behaves no better: a beer shower is a particularly tasteless ritual that often manifests itself in football festivals, regardless of rank and name. the winner, whether the German championship is being celebrated – or the promotion to the District A league.

Of course, overcrowding is part of the process of allowing the stopper to blow. Successful people should rejoice in their triumphs. Anyway athletes. After all the difficulties. This is their place to celebrate their victories and also to descend. But to the throat, not to the audience. For where is that pleasure when a precious good is so cheaply poured out?

Citizens agree with the critique of the Bitterfeld market

It’s also stupid when a joyous stage winner behaves so stupidly that they can’t take part in the tour after that. Same as Professional cyclist for Biniam Girmaywhich after the tenth stage A trip to Italy hit the eye in the eye. The involuntarily “falling star” could no longer compete for the eleventh. He had to rest his eye.

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