Goodbye to ice scraping! How to finally put an end to the annoying evil

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Car glass removal is that simple

Scraping ice in the morning is nerve wracking for anyone parked outside without a parking heater or remote air conditioning. We have a simple trick to help you never scratch again. However, we also show frosted window tips on how to get your window clean again without an ice scraper.

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How to prevent frozen windshields

The most famous solution is Deicer sprays. Don’t apply it in the morning when the window is already frosted, but spray the windshield, rear window and mirror the night before. De-icers have a lower freezing point than water, so they only freeze at significantly lower temperatures, so windows are not protected from ice.

Our advice: Save money on ice melters because you can easily and inexpensively make these sprays yourself. An empty spray bottle and one of these mixes work great.

  • Vinegar solution: three parts vinegar to one part water
  • Alcohol solution: two parts strong alcohol to one part water
  • Saline solution: four cups of distilled water (like from a dryer) and two teaspoons of non-iodized salt, boiled for 20 minutes.

The de-icing compound you should have Be sure to store indoorsbecause the solution loses its effectiveness as the temperature decreases.

One trick that doesn’t require any extra tools is proper parking. Park the car so that East facing windshield standing So it is naturally removed by the sunrise. Of course, this only works if you start driving after sunrise, as long as there is enough sun and nothing is blocking the sun’s rays.

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Last but not least windshield covers a simple way to protect yourself from the cold. If you don’t have a cover handy, a towel, piece of carpet, cardboard, or even a shower curtain can help. Ideally, screw the cover to the front door to prevent it from flying off.

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Vinegar solution also helps glasses that are already frozen to free them quickly.

EFAHRER.comVinegar solution also helps glasses that are already frozen to free them quickly.

How to remove ice from already frozen windows

If you park your car in front of your front door, you can easily defrost your windows by filling a tightly sealed freezer bag (such as a ziplock one) with hot, but not boiling, water. Gently wipe the glass with the now warm freezer bag The ice melts under the heat of the bag. This method saves a lot of muscle power.

The second method is your homemade one Icing spray also good to use. First, spray the window with a de-icer. Then take the window squeegee and use it to remove the glass. Alternatively, clean the windshield with a soft brush or run the windshield wipers.

Also windshield wiper fluidantifreeze can dry out the windshield. To do this, turn on the wiper fluid. If you don’t have antifreeze for your wipers, you can five tablespoons of alcohol add to the wiper fluid reservoir to correct this. Since using a windshield wiper always means that the windshield wipers are working, this method should not be used too often, as the wipers will wear faster when they run over a frozen windshield.

Electric car drivers are generally fine when it comes to scratching. If you park at a socket or charging station overnight, you can usually warm up your electric car with a time control or an app and thus enjoy a warm electric car and frost-free windows.

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