Greedfall 2 looks more like what role-playing players like in Part 1

Fans of Greedfall may be happy because developer Spiders has just announced the successor Greed 2 which is actually a hack. The role-playing game is scheduled for release in 2023. The first photos promise fans can wait for the graphic accent again. But in addition, there is already some information about Greedfall 2. We summarize everything that matters to you.

What is known about Greedfall 2

As I said, Greedfall 2 should be a prequel, so before the events of the first part to play. Three years ago, you take on the role of a resident of the Teer Fradee, which the colonists expelled from their island and are now coming to the lands of the occupying forces.

You can see your captured image in the first announcement of Greedfall 2:

The Greedfall 2 trailer shows where the story begins


The Greedfall 2 trailer shows where the story begins

But even there, there are problems with illness and political struggles for power, as the nickname of the game shows. To Greedfall 2: The Dying World You can regain freedom through diplomacy, deception and martial arts. Players should be able to travel around the old continent, visit new cities and meet unknown characters.

Like its predecessor, history wants to be the center of attention, but also playful freedom. This includes creating your character. One Steam page Greedfall 2 already exists. We can also offer some chic photos:

Greedfall 2 – View screenshots

What was Greedfall again?

If you want to look at the predecessor again, we recommend it our review of Greedfall. We found a role-playing game that resembles Dragon Age at its best, but also has its downsides: you can also watch our review as a fun video:

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Greedfall is a role-playing test video


Greedfall is a role-playing test video

Are you happy with the announcement of Greedfall 2? What did you like and dislike about the first part? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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