Gundelsheim: Senior center gets a Tovertafel – how it works and who benefits from it

As reported by the Association of Non-Profit Hospitals of the Bamberg District mbH (GKG), in 2022 at the end, senior citizens of the senior center Gundelsheim I bought a table. This is one of the “Virtualization as an Opportunity” project that GKG Bamberg is working on together with University of Bamberg – chairman of the general. Psychology and methodology – completed in 2022.

Building management Ivonne Wagner and other project members at GKG evaluated the Tovertafel together with the university’s expertise. From the very beginning, this inspired the GKG team, the university team and selected residents who tested these special interactive light projection games during the launch.

Tovertafel allows you to interactively project light onto a table or floor. Playful play with realistic light projections reduces apathy, increases physical activity and interaction, and stimulates cognitive resources. Interactive light projections also keep seniors with dementia occupied and relaxed. Caregivers and occupational therapists can further diversify their activities with this magical table.

This is how it works: The Tovertafel can be installed separately on the ceiling of any room. At the touch of a button, colorful and realistic light projections are projected onto the table that respond to the slightest movements of hands and arms. This almost “magical” effect inspires players and encourages them to participate. The 30 games that make up the Tovertafel were developed together with patrons.

An investment that benefits both residents and employees.

The non-profit Bamberg District Hospital Association mbH thanks the company Motor-Nützel Bayreuth, which supported the project with a donation of 1,000 euros as a Christmas donation.

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