Heilbronn shows how it wants to become a global leader in AI

Heilbronn shows how it wants to become a global leader in AI

Artificial intelligence is seen as the key to future economic success. Photo: whoisdany/stock.adobe Photo: whoisdany adobe

What’s going on there? The Land presents its big artificial intelligence project in Berlin. And Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU), the declared Minister of State for Economy, is not yet available. The reason: climate activists from the group “Last Generation” blocked the Berlin airport.

The minister’s plane to the capital had already taken off late on Thursday afternoon and actually had to turn around again. For some time, it is not clear whether it will be possible to fly to Berlin again. The question of whether Hoffmeister-Krautas will get on the podium turned into a thriller.

Not only Heilbronn should benefit

The evening is interesting enough as it is. Entrepreneurs, associations and researchers are invited to the Baden-Württemberg state representative office in the capital to find out about the IPAI – “Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence” in Heilbronn. So from a project that should put Heilbronn at the top of the artificial intelligence (AI) world. For the benefit of Baden-Württemberg, but also for the whole of Germany.

Heilbronn Lord Mayor Harry Mergel (SPD) and Dieter Schwarz Foundation CEO Reinhold Geilsdörfer announce the development to the Berlin public. About how quickly the application was prepared. And how from 50 million euros of state funds, 50 million euros from the foundation of Lidl’s founder and 23 hectares of land from the city, an extremely ambitious project emerged.

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Mergel offers visitors a guided tour

People in Heilbronn know this story, Berliners and all of Germany know too little about it – think what it involves. So when asked why the event is actually taking place in Berlin and not in Heilbronn, Mergel responds to the audience with the words: “Who would have come to Heilbronn today?”

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Some hands go up in the rows of chairs. The mayor immediately promises: “I will do a special tour of the city with everyone.”

In his speech, Mayor Virgin emphasized the economic importance of the ecosystem for the artificial intelligence being developed in Heilbronn. “No industry will be able to survive without AI in the future,” he says.

Speed ​​matters

IPAI CEO Moritz Gräter in the capital makes it clear that everyone in Heilbronn has set themselves ambitious goals. “Our vision is to create the most suitable European ecosystem for the advancement of applied artificial intelligence. He emphasizes: “We do a lot, we want a lot more.”

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In a panel discussion, Rebecca Reisch, CEO of Tübingen Cyber ​​​​Valley GmbH, made it clear that when it comes to artificial intelligence, speed is of the essence. “We can’t afford to take things slow and deliberate,” she says. At the same time, of course, it is important to find the right pace “so as not to fall over your feet”.

When it comes to this topic, medium-sized companies must not be left behind

Jörg Bienert, chairman of the AI ​​Federal Association, explains that large corporations are now very well prepared in the field of artificial intelligence. “It’s much more difficult for medium-sized companies,” he adds. Among other things, you need the opportunity to know, and a beacon project like IPAI is also important for that.

Ebba Lund, CEO of the International Association of Science Parks and Innovation Areas, concludes: “We all have a lot of important work to do.”

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And where is Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut?

Just before 9 a.m., the big mystery question of the evening was answered: Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut made it to the event. “Artificial intelligence is a key technology of the future and the present,” she says. “Many say it is the key to tomorrow’s world.” Outside of Europe, AI solutions are currently being deployed faster, more consistently and with greater economic success. The minister clearly warns against over-regulation. Above all, European rules should not slow down innovation. “Easy,…

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