How a non-autonomous vehicle learns autonomous parking

How a non-autonomous vehicle learns autonomous parking

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Park your car in front of the shopping center and let it find a parking space on its own. This may also be possible with modern cars that don’t actually have autopilot. This is made possible by a new approach: “Autonomy through infrastructure”.

A Level 5 control tower can provide vehicles with information from a holistic perspective.
A Level 5 control tower can provide vehicles with information from a holistic perspective.

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South Korean company Seoul Robotics has used Nvidia technology to make cars drive autonomously that weren’t actually designed for it. According to the statement, it primarily deals with the so-called “last mile”, such as finding a parking space. This is possible using a mesh network and multiple sensors and computers located in a specific area.

“Instead of adding sensors to cars, we want to add sensors to the infrastructure around them,” says Jerone Floor, vice president of Seoul Robotics. The system manages the so-called vehicle communication systems (V2X). V2X is already integrated into many modern cars. The system is designed to improve road safety or save energy while driving.

Cameras and lidar collect data

The car receives information from the level 5 control tower. Here, data collected by cameras and lidar are combined and processed using deep learningWHY is analyzed. AI can use the data to calculate exactly what the fastest and safest route for the vehicle is, such as parking. The system uses Nvidia Cuda and Jetson AGX Orin, among others. Cuda is especially needed to process large amounts of data from sensors in real time.

Company vision: the user drives his car to go shopping, but does not have to worry about the parking process. It can simply go out and activate the app in question. Using its Lidar and camera system, the system around the Level 5 control tower monitors the parking situation and knows where a free parking space is currently available. AI calculates the ideal route for the vehicle, which is then transmitted via V2X.

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The first pilot project is currently underway at BMW in Munich. In production, cars often have to drive around the factory premises, for example for tests or repairs. BMW wants to automate this with a Level 5 control tower.

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