How agencies can justify higher prices in times of inflation

The observatory advises companies on marketing restructuring, and later also helps them choose an agency. In the video chat, Steffens also offers advice on how agencies can argue for higher prices in times of inflation. Spoiler: Agency and procurement should sit down and discuss this, and then the agency needs to emphasize its value-add. And the question of sustainability also plays an important role. The company’s openness is often greater than expected. Here’s the full interview:

With Kaminski in the impact booth: Ingrid Steffens of the Observatory

Other booth interviews in 2022:

With Kaminski in the hitting booth: Neil Heinisch, PlayTheHype.

Kaminski at the shock booth: Anna-Lena Munsch, Serviceplan

With Kaminski at the batter’s stand: Nico Ziegler, Segmenta

Kaminski at the punch bench: Reinhard Patzschke, Grabarz & Partner

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