How Anna fights for greater climate protection – the protocol

More climate protection: An activist demonstrates in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

More climate protection: An activist demonstrates in front of the Brandenburg Gate.Image: imago images / photobooth


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Josephine Andreoli

Fight against Climate crisis – and most importantly, more climate protection – tiring, tiring. Often discouraging. And sometimes when Politics once again shows that he did not understand the seriousness of the situation, then Anna Montura (name changed by the editors) loses all her strength. For a while, her hope is lost, turning into anger. Until defiance and the courage to live regain the upper hand.

On the phone, Ana tells us her story story about their internal and external struggles with the climate crisis – protocol.

A climate activist feels powerless

“There are days when I think: It’s too late. It’s over. These days I fear only for my future Kinder and mine family. Our politics are failing because mine opinion after incredibly as well as recently again with taxonomy solution. It really gives me a lump in my throat and makes me very sad.

Sometimes it seems almost imminent people mourn because you too feel this utter helplessness. I’m just a small person who can’t move the whole world. And then I feel really sad because so few people seem to feel the same way I do.

This is probably why there are so many activists now, because we strengthen each other and realize that we are not alone in our feelings. You should never forget that – especially when politicians make a decision that leaves you disappointed.

But I think part of the problem is that very few have really understood what the climate crisis really is. And how serious our situation is. Many may also develop a protective mechanism, a kind of indifference or resignation, because they simply feel extremely helpless.

“I have this too, sometimes I get so frustrated that I take a two-day break. Then I delete all the texting apps from my phone.”

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How well you can cope with these climatic effects always depends on how resilient you are in general as a personality. In my opinion, it plays a very important role. With all that is bad, one must always try to see the good. If you can do that, I think you can do a much better job of dealing with the climate crisis and its many ill effects. Then at some point you stop having that no-nonsense attitude where you say to yourself, “It doesn’t matter now, I’m going to Hawaii.” Well, at least not to this extent.

When it all gets too much for her, Anna seeks to distract herself from the climate crisis.

When it all gets too much for her, Anna seeks to distract herself from the climate crisis. photo: imago / perspective

I also realized that sometimes I get so frustrated that I just need a two-day break. Then I really delete all the messaging apps from my phone and I don’t get any more information. I also try not to think about how much CO I eat with each slice of bread2 I’m probably eating now. I pay attention to it most of the time. Instead, I try to focus on the positive again – there is always good news. It helps me new Energy to fetch

Maybe it sounds funny now, but I just love nature and this world. Giving up is just not an option for me.

“It is tiring not to talk about the climate crisis. But it’s also frustrating to talk about it with someone who has no idea.

We live near Munich, a place where status symbols are very important and everyone is watching Automatic you drive – of course, preferably an SUV. That’s why we’re moving fast, because it’s just super hard for us here and we wanted to move to a greener city. So we go to Freiburg.

I believe if you encounter it so much Climate and also want to do something for the planet, then you need to surround yourself with people who want to do the same, otherwise you will end up unhappy in the long run.

Soon I will quit my job as a nurse and start studying forest science – because then I will finally be able to work professionally on the climate. As a private individual, it’s still a bit more difficult. Especially since it has to be said – unfortunately – this Women are often not perceived as a reliable source. And of course, it’s extremely annoying.

Sometimes Ana has to take a two-day break from the climate crisis to recharge her batteries.

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Sometimes Anna has to take a two-day break from the climate crisis – to save energy…

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