how big is the moon Interesting facts about the celestial body

On a clear night, the full moon looks pretty huge. We’ll be happy to explain to you how big it is and why it looks as big as the sun.

Easy to explain: How big is the moon?

You’ve probably thought so before the sun is just as big it looks like the moon in the sky. Stars, on the other hand, appear small. But you can imagine that the sun about four hundred times larger is there a moon? The moon is also only an approximation the size of a quarter like the whole earth. So it doesn’t look that big. The diameter of the Moon is 3,476 kilometers, while the diameter of the Earth is 12,742 kilometers, and the diameter of the Sun is even 1.39 million kilometers.

Why do the moon and the sun look the same size?

Since the moon is relatively close to the earth compared to the sun, the size of the sun and the moon do not appear to be that different. Distances to the Earth and their sizes Even the coincidence is such that both celestial bodies appear to be about the same size. Unlike the sun, we don’t always see the moon in its entirety: The moon rotates around the earth and around itself, so not all of the moon’s surfaces are illuminated by the sun and sometimes cannot be seen. When you see only small parts of the moon, it is the time of the waning or waxing moon. If the sun is fully shining on the moon, you can admire a beautiful large full moon in the sky.

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What is the moon made of?

The Moon is 384,400 kilometers away from the Earth. You can think of it as one Desert. It consists of rocks and dust, many craters. It is caused by pieces of rock called meteorites that hit the moon and die crater to leave You can see very large craters from Earth with your naked eye. They look like large dark spots. If the sun is shining on the moon, it can be 130 degrees. On the other hand, it can drop to minus 160 degrees at night. You’d rather not live on the moon.

Is there only one moon?

Is about 170 Monde, orbiting the eight planets of the solar system. However, two of these planets do not have moons, including Venus and Mercury. From Planet Jupiter has the most moonsrevolves around him. This includes the largest moon, named Ganymede.


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Now you know that the moon is much smaller than the sun. It is about four hundred times smaller than them and only about a quarter the size of Earth. However, unlike the sun, it is much closer to the earth. That’s why they both look about the same size. The distance from Earth to the moon is 384,400 kilometers. Since the moon is very hot during the day – 130 degrees, and very cold – minus 160 degrees at night, it is impossible to live on the moon.

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