“How can you be so stupid?!” Patrick humiliates the girl Antonia in the star bungalow.

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Another game for celebrities is waiting for Season 5 of Summer Star Home. Patrick and Antonia reach their limits for the first time. The farmer seriously blames his girlfriend:

I”Star bungalow“There’s a lot going on!” The new season starts on September 7 RTL. Viewers with a Premium account can stream each new episode earlier on RTL+. In episode 5, which starts on September 18. aired on RTL+, celebrities have to play another game. “Parking lot” requires a lot of skill and, most importantly, listening! Patrick and Antonia reach their limits for the first time, as reported by MANNHEIM24:

Star Summer Home: This game is waiting for celebrities in episode 5

Patrikas and Antonija are participating in the couple show for the second time: from March to May 2022, they took part in the TVNOW format “CoupleChallenge” and took third place here. This “Farmer Seeking Wife” couple met in 2020 dome show on RTL, but only came together after the shooting.

In the House of Summer Stars, Patrick and Antonia either didn’t lose a game or could have secured their place in the next round with their win without even having to start another challenge. But in episode 5, the tables are turned: in the Parking game, the stars must face the parking spot. The men behind the wheel are blindfolded. Women see and, as passengers, must give directions.

Can’t You…?: A game of Summer House pushes Patrick and Antonia to their limits

Patrick and Antonia are already facing difficulties in the first meters: at first he goes forward, but then there is a curve that the “cottage” candidates have to turn back to get back to the home stretch. But Antonia has trouble telling right from left: “Now you’re going right, completely left,” she tells her friend Patrick. But he only understands the station:

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“Left – left, right – right,” the farmer scolds his girlfriend. Then the drama begins. Antonia tries to give Patrick the right instructions. But the car just doesn’t want to bend. “Honey, can’t you maneuver the car here?” Patrick asks his girlfriend. At some point, the string of the farmer’s hat breaks:

Heilandsack!: Patrick goes completely wild during a game of “bungalow” – Antonia is disappointed

“Heilandsack, we have to go back first,” calls out the self-proclaimed “Ackerdemiker” when Patrick and Antonia still haven’t turned the corner. Antonia then agrees, but still fails to give Patrick proper instructions. “My God, how can you be so stupid?!” shouts the farmer. At some point, Antonia is completely desperate:

“I’ll try to explain it to you!” – calls the young beautician, quite upset. Before that, the hands were not properly treated with windshield wipers. But in the end, nothing helps: time runs out, and Patrick and Antonia lose the game. by the way Summer House candidate Cosimo also has his own difficulties in Parking: the good guy doesn’t have a driver’s license, so he can’t take the test. The girl Nathalie has to serve.

Patrick and Antonia in the Summer House Parking game. © RTL

After losing the game: Patrick flips Antonia in the “bungalow” – leaving Antonia in tears

After Patrick and Antonia “park” the gate beef at the “cottage” just continues: Patrick is “just embarrassed” that they lost the game. In “The Summer House” he rages against his girlfriend: “I can’t always fight for five,” the farmer tells his fighting friend Mario Basler, with Antonia sitting next to him. Then the young woman burst into tears:

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“He acts like I’m doing something extra,” whines the 22-year-old. Antonia then gets up and crawls into the bathroom. Friend Patrick has nothing better to do at this point than to brag to the other contestants about how much better he would have done this job. “You’re just perfect, I’m not!” says Antonia, who later returned.

Antonia burst into tears in the
Antonia burst into tears in the “summer house”. © RTL

Star Cottage: Broadcast Dates and Castings – All Details MANNHEIM24

A day at Star Summer Home ends with Patrick and Antonia arguing…

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