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Jonas Rapp (Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang) | Photo: Reinhard Eisenbauer

12/01/2022 | (rsn) – John Rapp (Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang) became the best German climbers in the peloton. The 28-year-old Pfalz highlighted this with an overall win at the Tour Malopolska (2.2) and fourth overall at the Banja Luka Belgrade (2.1) and the Tour of Upper Austria (2.2) this season.

However, the reward earned for a professional contract at the end of the 2022 cycling year was still lacking. Rapp was linked with the new Q36.5 in the second division, but ultimately it didn’t work out there or anywhere else with a professional team. contract


Rapp told of a “disappointing season” that has resulted not only in his failure to secure a professional contract, but also in numerous layoffs due to injury and illness. , it was only half the season,” said Rapp, who had just 29 UCI race days and was one of the unlucky 2022 riders.

2022 was a mixed year John Rapp | Photo: Reinhard Eisenbauer

Even the start of the season should give you an early sense of how the rest of the year will go. After the first outing of the season in Umag Trofeo (1.2) in March, Rapp fell ill and was unable to compete in the Istrian Spring Trophy (2.2) in his best form. The Hrinkow skipper was back on track quite quickly, finishing third in the one-day GP Vipava Valley (1.2) held in Slovenia.

He then continued with a five-day tour of Belgrade Banja Luka (2.1), which he managed to finish in an attractive fourth place. Rapp described losing the mountain jersey on the final day as “a small drop of bitterness.”

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What would have happened to the DM if the preparation had succeeded?

A “hard training block” in May bore fruit in June. In the Tour of Malopolska (2.2) Rapp won the stage and secured the overall victory. “The form was extremely good, but after the win in Poland it was only downhill,” said Rap. In the second stage of the Tour of Upper Austria, he fell heavily (2.2) and therefore “couldn’t reach his full potential”. Rainer Kepplinger fourth as last year.

Rap didn’t always end up where he really wanted | Photo: Reinhard Eisenbauer

Having somewhat recovered from his fall injuries, Rapp wanted to draw attention to himself by arriving at the Kahler Asten DM in Sauerland, which was actually tailored for him. However, exactly one week before the title fights, the 28-year-old man caught a cold. Even so, after weakening, it was only enough for twelfth place in Sauerland. “I was able to have a good race, but as is often the case, the question remains what could have been possible if the preparation had been optimal,” Rapp said.

The worst part of the season was yet to come for Rapp. In the Sibiu Tour (2.1), he was stopped by a viral infection, which forced him to withdraw before Stage III. “Even before the first round I had a little fever and stomach problems. Two days later the stomach problems were replaced by flu symptoms and the fever was much higher,” says Rapp, who battled the fever for a total of two weeks. The first time I started training again, I felt worse than I had in a year,” Rapp admitted.

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Crash at Recon prevents title defense attempt in Italy

Before the German tour (2nd Pro) at the end of August, Rapp didn’t have much time to get in good shape. The climber nominated for the national team started in Weimar, but was “far from the best form”. Accordingly, it was just a more or less exhausting ride and struggle for survival. But I still managed to get a good result until Schauinsland and I get a lot of motivation from that, because a lot is possible even at this level when I’m in top form,” explained Rapp.

In the home race, his team finished fourth for the fourth time | Photo: Reinhard Eisenbauer

A few days later it was finally time for the Tour of Friuli (2.2), where Rapp wanted to repeat last year’s overall victory. But while watching the opening team’s time trial progress, the German fell and suffered…

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