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Do we have to get used to the Nosferatu spider and other non-native animals like Asian tiger mosquitoes? Are the animals hibernating with us now? What effect does climate change have on the distribution of such animals? Which of them can become dangerous for us? Here are the answers.


Animals and also plants that spread to areas outside their homeland due to human influence are not always invasive. This is what science calls only those species that displace native animals or plants from their habitats, explains Julian Heiermann from the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU).

But if we’re talking about relocation, it’s a conservation issue, says Erik Schmolz of the Federal Environmental Agency. These animals are actively fought in Germany. However, there are also non-native animals that can live in their niche together with the local population. Examples include the tiger mosquito and the Nosferatu spider. But some of them, like the tiger mosquito, can cause health problems for people and animals.

Globalization plays a critical role in the spread of non-native animals:Animals are brought to us by human travel from mostly tropical countries. Simply in a suitcase, on clothes“, explains Heinz Mehlhorn, a zoologist and parasitologist at the University of Düsseldorf. He recommends checking your luggage thoroughly.without passengers” Search.

Another important factor is international trade in goods. It is not uncommon for insects to cross from one continent to another via car tires or containers.

The fact that insects that are not native to Germany come to us through travel and globalization is not new or problematic in the first place. But climate change is a tipping point, says Julian Heiermann of NABU.

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the sea NOTHING invasive species are a typical environmental problem. “Invasive species in Germany are a self-inflicted side effect of climate changeHeiermann said.

Basically, Nosferatu spiders, tiger mosquitoes, and Co. feel more comfortable in warmer places, so climate change plays a crucial role in the spread, Heiermann says. The particularly hot summers of recent years are perfect for animals from hot areas to survive.

Although the animals had come to us in previous years, they could not spread because the conditions were not ideal for them. According to the German Weather Service, last August in Germany was 4.22 degrees warmer than the long-term comparative period.

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