How coffee is made affects cholesterol levels

Depending on the method of brewing, coffee affects cholesterol levels differently in men and women. According to a new study from Norway, one sex should be especially careful when consuming espresso coffee.

Of course, coffee itself does not contain cholesterol. Nevertheless, the naturally occurring chemicals diterpenes, kafestol and kahweol increase blood cholesterol. The effect varies slightly depending on the cooking method. Norwegian researchers from the University of the Arctic in Norway have taken a closer look at the facts and found out that not only the way coffee is made is important, but also the gender of the coffee drinker. So should men and women who are elevated cholesterol content tend to take different types of coffee better.

Data from 21,083 men and women were evaluated

The study group relied on data from 13,889 participants (7,167 women and 6,722 men, mean age 56 years) who participated in the seventh survey of the so-called Tromsø study in 2015 and 2016. This is a large-scale long-term population survey launched in 1974 in collaboration with the city population. Participants were asked how many cups of coffee they drink per day and how they choose espresso, filter coffee, instant coffee, and so on. The researchers then took blood samples, measured height and weight, and asked about possible influencing factors such as lifestyle, alcohol consumption, or medical history. The full report of the study was recently published in the specialized journal Open Heart. 1

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Why should men drink filtered coffee and women should espresso

It turned out that the women surveyed drank an average of almost four cups of coffee a day, while men drank almost five cups of coffee. Blood analysis also revealed interesting details. Men who drank four to five espressos a day had significantly higher cholesterol levels. Compared to men who did not drink at all, the serum cholesterol level of espresso coffee lovers was 0.16 mmol / l higher. Serum cholesterol was only 50% higher in female espresso lovers, ie 0.09 mmol / l. However, women who drank six or more cups of filter coffee a day had a cholesterol level of 0.11 mmol / l higher. No increase was observed in men.

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Different types of coffee cause different cholesterol levels

“It’s interesting that there are more than a thousand different types of coffee secondary plant materials. The uptake of each compound also depends on the type of coffee, the degree of roasting, the method of brewing and the portion size.2 They also found that instant coffee increased cholesterol levels in both men and women, but cholesterol levels did not increase after drinking cups. Similarly, women tested with French Press had a slight disadvantage in terms of cholesterol (0.30 mmol / l higher than 0.23 mmol / l).

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Ingredients also have health benefits

Those compounds in coffee that raise cholesterol also have health benefits, the researchers note further. Experimental studies show that kafestol and kahveol have anti-inflammatory effects, protect the liver, reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes. “It shows that coffee contains compounds that can cause multiple mechanisms at once.”

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Coffee fans shouldn’t do without their beloved set, but should think about changing the type of coffee. How to wake up in the morning without coffee, FITBOOK here to summarize. By the way, the gender gap in cholesterol response and coffee choice is still a mystery to the researchers involved.


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