How Cologne’s Neumarkt should change – and why there are also criticisms

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Among other things, the city of Cologne wants to renovate the Neumarkt with a fountain. However, the project is also subject to criticism – because much is still unclear.

Cologne – despite being in the heart of the city, with direct access to public transport and major shopping streets. Cologneis Neumarkt For many Cologne residents, it has become a place that people do not particularly like to enter, especially in the evening. The reasons for this in the city are widely known and come up again and again such a bustling place for drug use, assaults and criminal acts. why now In the future, Neumarkt is looking to upgrade – and so worth living and revisiting.

district Altstadt-Süd (downtown district)
size 27,216 m²
exists since 1076 (set as a place this year)

Cologne: City wants to renovate Neumarkt – ‘Initial ideas and possible solutions discussed’

Neumarkt used to have a fountain – it will return to the same place from 2023 (archive photo). © Citizens’ initiative for the future of Neumarkt

The administration has now developed a concept combining ideas and proposals and presented it to politicians, the police, citizens’ initiatives, interest groups and associations on November 17. “During the process, initial ideas and possible solutions to Neumarkt’s problems were discussed,” explains city representative Robert Baumanns in an interview with 24RHEIN. “And in this context, of course, additional ideas emerged, which are now being explored.” The facelift would actually be perfect for the square, which hosts year-round circus events, a Christmas market and much more – the whole of Cologne is there. residents should agree.

Cologne’s Neumarkt is getting a makeover – the square fountain has already been decided

But what do these ideas look like that need to be explored now? What is already known: As before 1977, the Neumarkt will again have a fountain enriched. This was decided at the beginning of the year and is to be implemented in the coming year, Baumanns confirms. “Then it will be in the direction of Foto Gregor, as before.” Other ideas and suggestions that were collected and defined as “general areas of activity”:

  • building one pavilions with gastronomic offers
  • The creation of a more attractive entrance to the Schildergasse through a improved connection between Neumarkt and SchildergasseRichmodstraße and St. Aposteln for pedestrians
  • Improving the quality of stay Cultural opportunities until 2023
  • First of all, the development of social and health services addiction help due to longer working hours drug use room and information addiction cleanup (street work) from 2023
  • revival wells Neumarkt from 2023 (already decided)
  • Providing publicity toilet facilities
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Also Henriette Rekerparticipates in the meeting of the participating parties and the city manager Andrea Blome, sees the need to improve such a central square in the cityscape. “Many citizens are justifiably unhappy with the situation in Neumarkt. It cannot and will not remain this way. The transformation of Neumarkt will begin in 2023. We will create the basic conditions so that people can again enjoy the services of Neumarkt and feel comfortable in it,” said the mayor. It currently serves primarily as a transfer point CVD-clients; to KVB line 1 and KVB line 9 for example, to leave above ground.

Cologne: Many measures still undecided – criticism of citizens’ initiative Future Neumarkt

Despite all the enthusiasm, here’s the thing: Without a well, none of the measures mentioned have been decided yet, and it could be a while before that happens. Walter Schuch from the citizens’ initiative Neumarkt Future, who is also participating in the dialogue, fears the same. “Then the members of the initiative and local residents also asked critical questions about whether such an arrangement would make sense and whether visitors to the Neumarkt would want to get to know the drug scene,” he says in an interview with 24RHEIN.

The square in Cologne's Neumarkt, where the fountain used to stand.
Until 1977 Cologne’s Neumarkt had a fountain. It is planned to build a new borehole in the same place. © City of Cologne

Neumarkt needs to be renovated – but what will happen to the drug addicts there?

Overall, in his view, the city has not given a satisfactory answer to the frequently asked question of how to deal with the drug addicts who live there….

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