How could the bike path network in Alsfeld be improved?


ALSFELD (acres). Alsfeld wants to become more bike-friendly. That is why the city commissioned the creation of a bicycle path concept some time ago. This concept not only examined the existing network of cycle paths and investigated the shortage, but also looked for where new cycle paths could be created. The results were presented to the Construction, Environment, Transport and Urban Planning Committee on Monday evening.

The entire network of cycle paths in Alsfeld, every part of the city is connected to the city center by a well-developed cycle path, and the villages can also be easily and safely reached by bicycle: this scenario is not only desired by many citizens for, as with Ikeko workshop appeared, but so did the city itself. But the reality is different – and that should change.

For this reason, the city commissioned a cycle path concept as part of the village renewal, the results of which were presented on Monday evening by planner Holger Heering from the company LK Argus. First of all, the agenda included an inventory analysis, with the help of people familiar with the field, which identified the shortcomings of the existing network, which then formed the basis of the concept of the measures.

The dream of a bike-friendly city

Conceptually, there are several tourist routes for cycling that are primarily important for leisure cycling. Nevertheless, some of these routes also follow paths, which are important links for everyday cycling. However, there is no consistent trail network for daily cycling. According to the Planning Office, there are gaps in the network, meaning missing connections and network deficiencies. There are several cycle paths along the B49 and B62, but the districts are connected to each other by roads or farm roads.

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Various measures are currently being planned for approximately 79 kilometers of the target network, which is more than 202 kilometers and was defined in cooperation with the city of Alsfeld. However, these are only recommendations from the planning office. This does not mean that it must or can be implemented.

As Heering explained, there was no network verification. The network analysis was based on city statements and, where possible, aerial photographs. But beyond that, the concept does not include the streets of the central city.

New constructions, renovations and Co.

New building measures are planned where there is currently no “need-based infrastructure” for cycling – in other words, there is a gap in the network. This is the case, for example, on roads where it is inadvisable to mix bicycle and car traffic due to heavy traffic and high speed.

This is the case, for example, on the B62 between Leusel and Angenrod and the L3145 between Alsfeld and Reibertenrod or Reibertenrod and Vockenrod. There are more than 2,500 vehicles per day on the roads at a speed of 100 km/h. Therefore, new roadside cycle paths are proposed. Next to the road means that the cycle path must be no more than five meters from the road surface. These measures have been assigned priority 1, which is the highest level.

There are also other routes, about 11.1 kilometers, on classified roads,
which may raise questions when building new cycle paths. However, a definitive statement cannot be made due to the lack of traffic volume data. In concept, this includes the B62 between Eifa and Lingelbach, the L3295 between Berfa, Elbenrod and Hattendorf and the Münch-Leuseler Straße between Schwabenrod and Münch-Leusel.

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In addition to new bike paths, of course, the existing ones should also be renovated, as the surface of many paths is currently not in good condition. According to the concept, all paths with Hierarchy 1 (core network, i.e. national and regional cycle paths and connected secondary networks) as well as paths with Hierarchy 2 (lateral network, connecting districts) that lead directly to the city center should be paved, including, for example, the connection from Altenburg through the forest to the pool.

Here is an overview of the road conditions

But the pavement of paths that do not belong to the main or secondary network should also be renewed…

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