How dangerous are Elonas Musko’s Twitter plans for Tesla?

Tesla boss Elon Musk caused a sensation with his idea to buy Twitter. First, with well-advanced takeover plans, it led to a rise in Twitter shares. He then cut the price again because he wanted to postpone the purchase due to alleged problems on Twitter. So isn’t buying more than a crazy idea? One thing is for sure: Twitter has big problems and really needs to be redesigned. Could Musk make Twitter a success despite all the odds, as he did at Tesla? Or would he tie a log to his leg that would end up harming Tesla as well? In any case, many Tesla shareholders are happy with Musko’s new multibillion-dollar idea. The market value of Tesla’s shares has lost more than 100 billion euros after the announcement of the Twitter acquisition. So what would the Twitter adventure mean for Tesla, perhaps the most important and promising electric car brand in the world? In this High Voltage series, automotive expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, director of the Duisburg Automotive Research Center, talks about it. He has been following Musk’s activities at Tesla for many years – and he’s sure: Musk can even make Twitter a success.

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