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Michael Buchinger has been known on Youtube for more than 10 years for his “hate list”: on Sunday, a cabaret artist and Youtube arrived at the front of the Culture Factory with their new program “A little hate have to be.”


Just after 7 p.m., when Michael Buchinger enters the stage: with his white-haired hair, shiny long-sleeved shirt and iconic greeting “Hello friends, Michael Buchinger here,” he will surely grab the public’s attention with his first words. For the next hour and a half, he casually talks about his life: authentically, sarcastically, and without waiting for the audience’s favor.

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That evening, the audience in the front building is mostly young people between the ages of 20 and 35 – there are a few young men there, but the majority of the audience is women. The atmosphere is depressing: the audience laughs a lot and loudly, and it quickly becomes apparent that many viewers are not contacting the comedian for the first time.

The scene is minimalist: light, Buchinger himself, and a microphone in hand. He no longer needs to heat the audience in the small hall. It supports its entire program.

Michael Buchinger is a special cabaret artist, his sense of humor is not for everyone: his stories and jokes are dry, exaggerated and dripping with sarcasm, but just as sincere. From the beginning, he compares wearing a mask to a condom: “Optional, but it’s safe.” First of all, he makes it clear: he hates people because most of them are “stupid and a little exhausted.” But what he noticed right away: “Hate connects” – and that should be the mantra not only of his life, but also of the rest of the evening.

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“A little hate must be” is the title of the new stage program, and it promises less than it gives: Michael Buchinger talked on stage about the big and small things in life he hates – and hates a lot. : Karaoke, couples nights and penis photos – especially in dating apps. However, he also likes the mentioned dating apps – “because he can appreciate people so beautifully there”. But at the same time, Buchinger gives a lot of valuable advice, for example, when it comes to relationships: A 29-year-old man has been living with his partner Dominic for eight years now and has the best advice for long-term partnerships. : “We’re just no different.”

Nevertheless, such long relationships have drawbacks, such as the body’s own gas being maintained for eight years, as reported in detail by Buchinger. For this reason, he enjoys spending time with children, such as his nieces and nephews. You can blame your children for bloating. After a vacation with his sister’s offspring, Buchinger is convinced: “The devil is not wearing Prada, but Pampers.

In the evening, Freiburg is warm 30 degrees outside – at the beginning of the program, the room temperature in the hall of the front building should not be much lower. Nevertheless, there is a cozy and cozy atmosphere here. Anyone who knows Buchinger’s hate lists from the past will soon feel like they’re back at their website or youth room and will quickly get into old Buchinger humor.

While Bit of Hate Must Be doesn’t necessarily sound like a program that makes you laugh in tears, it has happened to one or the other. Undoubtedly, everyone went out of the front building that evening more merrily than those who entered it. And that, in turn, shows that hatred doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

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