How do composites become sustainable?

From a technical point of view, the jury was impressed by the uniformity with which the fibers are coated with the biopolymer. In addition, a lightweight, biodegradable composite material that can be produced using established manufacturing techniques has been developed. As a result, the combination of polypropylene and fiberglass materials currently used for unidirectional tapes can be replaced by bio-based polyamide with flax or hemp fiber reinforcement. It is also noteworthy that the development is coming from a region where the transition of the lignite and chemical industry to agriculture and natural materials has been successful and this raw material base is already used in industry. Among other things, natural materials are used to create high-tech products that, at the end of their useful life, are recycled and given a second life as short fiber reinforced plastics before being sent for bio-recycling. life cycle.

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