How drought becomes a threat and when it protects us

For agriculture, Mallorca can be because of it represents various amounts of precipitation find related idioms: “The farmer fears only two blows: drought in May and mud in August” (Farmers fear twice: drought in May and mud in August). As in many other areas of life, according to a common German proverb, one judges the real value of a thing only in its absence: “When the well is dry, a man values ​​water.”

Worse, when there is a shortage, people as individuals and entire communities look to themselves first: “Each pours water in the direction of his own mills and leaves its neighbor dry” (Each throws his own grist into his own mill, and leaves the other dry) is pure and simple selfishness. The use of this word in relation to sobriety, which is sarcastically observed by the German-Canadian aphorist Willy Meurer, points in a completely different direction: “It is safer to drive a car when the roads are dry. The same goes for the driver.”

It is widely known in the German-speaking world that trust is good, but control is better. The English military commander Oliver Cromwell put it this way in the 17th century: “Trust in God; but the powder must be dry.” Better safe than sorry! The traditional local weather forecast for mild temperatures is: “A bright moon will bring dry air” (Bright moon, dry weather awaits). A cynical closing statement came from Oscar-nominated actor Burt Reynolds, who offered this insightful analysis of the “weaker sex”: “Until the nail polish dries, the woman is unprotected.

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