How DTM evaluates the DTM endurance solution

( – Following ADAC’s announcement that the ADAC GT Masters is to be combined with the German Prototype-Cup LMP3 Prototypes in the new DTM Endurance next season, discontent was growing among the former ADAC series teams. But how is DTM actually receiving development?


Despite all the doomsayers: Is the new DTM Endurance the perfect springboard for the DTM?


“I fully understand that now there are people who say, ‘This is not what we envisioned when we ran the GT Masters,'” HRT team principal Ulrich Fritz said in a prototype interview with about the merger. “But I think it’s a very clear separation of formats, so I can imagine that ADAC did the right thing.”

What does Fritz mean by this? In the past, the ADAC GT Masters also had the option of starting with pure GT3 professional pairs, and in the future this will no longer be possible, as the FIA ​​Platinum category drivers – ie mostly working drivers – would have to do so. therefore no longer allowed under ADAC.

“A lot of people complained about it at the ADAC GT Masters”

“It gives the GT3 thing a clear profile,” says Fritz, adding that DTM and the new DTM Endurance are now clearly separated from each other. “Now it’s a Pro-Am race where you have an amateur and a pro in the car. In the past, in the GT Masters, a lot of teams and drivers complained because there were two professionals driving them. They were beaten.”

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Even if there is a small limitation now: because even the combination of platinum and silver, which allows talent to learn from a working driver, will no longer be possible in the future. For example, it would have affected 2021. national champion duo Christopher Mies (platinum) and Ricardo Feller (silver).

However, Fritz can understand that the teams that started working only professionally are not happy with the new solution. “If I was one of those teams with professionals, I’d be screaming right now because it’s taking away my payment and the basis of my business,” he says.

“A great run from a DTM perspective”

“What one person may like, another person may not like. That’s why I don’t want to judge other people’s opinions, because from a subjective point of view it’s really right. Like us from DTM, the perspective now was great.”

In addition, the race weekends with DTM, DTM Endurance, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany, GT4 Germany, TCR Germany and the BMW M2 Cup have now been significantly improved from the point of view of the former Mercedes-AMG DTM boss: “I think so mega what the weekend will offer the fan in the future” .

Mercedes-AMG’s head of DTM, Thomas Jäger, also sees an opportunity for the teams and drivers of the new DTM Endurance to recommend themselves in the DTM with a strong showing. “DTM endurance is important – and fundamental,” says the former DTM driver in an interview with “We hope that it will develop well and then provide the basis for the DTM.”

AMG DTM boss: “If someone does a mega, watch it”

Jäger does not expect driver interest to be limited, as the series is seen as a second league behind the DTM. “Now it depends on how you design the whole thing,” he says. “I see a lot of potential for bronze riders,” he says, referring to the classic amateurs. “And I see a lot of potential for young drivers – silver or maybe gold drivers – to introduce themselves accordingly.”

ADAC press conference about the future of DTM

“Because one thing is clear from the manufacturer’s point of view: if you see that it works very well in the same conditions – because comparability is provided – you can look more closely than if it happens somewhere else,” Jäger sees an advantage, the lap times of the DTM Endurance race are directly are compared to the main series and the decision makers are in place. “I think it’s a good way to establish yourself.”

“Could develop into something really big”

Furthermore, he could also envision DTM Endurance gaining more attention in the future due to its attractive weekend programme.

“If you can bring the DTM and GT Masters fans together for one weekend and get 50,000-80,000 spectators again and the field is really full, the mood is right and then you also have a good TV partner…

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