How eating times affect the risk of premature death

Eating just one meal a day was linked to increased mortality in adults 40 and older, according to a new study. Skipping breakfast was associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular death, while skipping lunch or dinner was associated with higher all-cause mortality. In people who ate three meals a day, two consecutive meals less than 4.5 hours apart was associated with a higher risk of death.

“At a time when intermittent fasting is widely touted as a solution for weight loss, metabolic health and disease prevention, our study is important for adults who eat less than three meals a day.” Based on our results, we recommend eating at least two or three times a day,” noted Dr. Yangbo Sun of the University of Tennessee at Memphis.

Researchers believe that skipping meals leads to people consuming more energy immediately. This can put a strain on your metabolism. The same can happen with shorter meal intervals: a short break also increases the energy load.

The research team evaluated data from the National Health Survey of more than 24,000 American adults age 40 and older. These included 4,175 deaths that were examined for links to eating behavior.

Which: DOI 10.1016/j.jand.2022.08.119

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