How expensive is the streaming fee? ARD and ZDF financial needs

iAll public institutions are currently undergoing a procedure that is decisive broadcast fee from 2025 are: registration of their financial needs to fulfill the public procurement contract. Such a list of expenses and income is drawn up every two years.

According to court practice Federal Constitutional Court the notice of demand plays a “primary” role in determining the license fee. According to the Karlsruhe judges, the registrations based on the broadcasters’ program decisions are the basis for the determination of needs and the subsequent determination of the fee. Institutions should not ignore the setting of fees and their financial consequences when making programmatic decisions.

50 pages full of questions for broadcasters

October 25 in a letter, the Commission for Determining the Financial Needs of Broadcasters (KEF) asked all public broadcasters by 2023 April 28 to report how much money they need in the next installment period. When asked by FAZ, KEF did not want to publish this 50-page requirement. The Finance Commission, which rightly demands transparency, has turned out to be opaque in this important process.

This is incomprehensible, because KEF’s requirements are in line with the legal requirements of the State Broadcasting Funding Agreement, and the contributor should also know, especially after the scandals. RBBhow does the current monthly payment of 18.36 euros come about? This shouldn’t be a mystery given the debate over the need and size of the basic household tax.

The cross-border financing agreement for broadcasting stipulates that broadcasters “must submit comparable figures and explanations of their medium-term financial requirements, necessary for determining the contribution and suitable for evaluation, in the form specified by KEF”. Income and expenses must be shown separately according to the types of income and expenses. Accordingly, KEF requests information from institutions on a 15-item detailed list, which has since been sent to us, of program, staff and in-kind expenditure. For example, KEF requires an accurate list of income and expenses from 2021. and planning for 2023 and 2024. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic should also be taken into account. In point 6, KEF expects “the presentation of plans for the further development of the telemedia offer” and assumes that this activity will be limited.

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350 million euros more than expected

An important aspect for the Finance Commission is additional income in 2021-2024. 350 million is expected in the State Chancellery. euros, of which 45 million EUR from RBB alone. The corona pandemic has led to fewer financial shortfalls and additional expenses than planned, and an increase in the number of households. Institutions cannot spend excess funds from 2025. should be used as special reserve III.

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