How Habeck wants to force us to save energy

“Energy Efficiency Work Plan”: this is the document in which Robert Habeck (Greens) shows how energy savings in Germany should be better in the future. As the Funke media group writes, the focus is on incentives and advice. “Everyone who saves energy protects the climate, strengthens the country and keeps the wallet,” the federal economic minister said.

Energy saving tips for consumers and businesses

Habeck talks about the current “horrific fossil fuel prices.” They are a heavy burden, especially for low-income families. Also for energy-intensive companies: “That’s why we work hard to increase energy efficiency – with support and incentives, with the right system and information.”

Therefore, from June, consumers and entrepreneurs should receive advice on how to save energy in their homes and what to really consider when buying. solar system want to have on your roof?

Crude hydrogen and process heat in industry

In industry, Habeck is increasingly making its mark crude hydrogen. In addition, it should be easier for companies in the future to allow electricity that cannot be taken from the grid into storage – without taxes and charges.

Funding to encourage companies to use heat from industrial processes will also be reviewed this year. Municipalities and utilities should speed up the conversion of their heat supply networks to renewable energy sources.

Saving energy is a national task

The Green Minister considers energy saving to be a national task in which everyone can participate. According to his plans, the public sector, that is, the federal, state, and local governments, should move forward. Appropriate targets should be set for them.

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Among other things, sun roofs should be standard there in the future. Habeck wants to change the building’s energy law accordingly. The specifications for the replacement of the heating system should also apply: According to the plans, from 2024 onwards. each newly installed or replaced heating system must be operated with at least 65 percent renewable energy.

The focus should be on Heat pumps to lie. Crafts should be given the right incentive to allocate their currently limited resources.

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