How hard is Algalon Ulduar from Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

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As part of Ulduar’s trial stages in the WoW: Wrath of the Lich King PTR, some raids were now able to test Algalon extensively as well. How hard was the chosen guild assassin then?

We reported that interested players have been on the WoW: Wrath of the Lich King public test server for almost a week Ulduar bosses could try. The first feedback from the testers has already made it clear: the level of difficulty of the Titan Fortress of Storm Peaks is significantly higher than in the case of the raid of the first stage of WotLK Classic. Some Hardmodes in particular made raids sweat.

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How hard is Algalon in WotLK Classic?

In fact, Ulduar is home to two of the toughest raid challenges in WoW history. in 2009 April 14 the raid was opened then. It should take until 2009. July 7 Chinese Guild Stars Alone in the dark -Yoggo-Saron’s achievement could master. Until now, many players were sure that the boss was impossible in the hardest version of Hardmode. In comparison: success Light in the dark was delivered 70 days ago.

Algalon was also unusually prominent, as raids were only allowed to challenge this boss for each ID for a short period of one hour. Ensidia’s first world assassination was planned in 2009. June 3 The latter boss could now be tested on some raids on the PTR. YouTube creator and broadcaster Sarthe sums up his impressions as follows:

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  • Several pro guilds have already defeated Algalon on the PTR. Sarthe reports trying hours (no 1 hour rule on PTR). Less ambitious Progress communities will likely build Algalon only weeks or even months later, or after various dilutions.
  • Especially surprising is how hard Algalon hits tanks. Since he hits with both weapon hands, he can deal massive amounts of damage to a tank at any given time per second. Right now, it even looks like there might be some rush situations in Algalon. This becomes especially dangerous with every tank change, as healers need to start protecting and healing before taunting. If the first heal doesn’t reach the new tank as soon as you taunt it, it’s practically dead.

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